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Hey! My name is Zachary and this is my site, Yankee Mania, where I explore the games, players, and transactions of the greatest team in baseball. Hated by some but loved by others, the New York Yankees have dominated the world of sports for over a century. This year I follow their noble quest to win yet another World Series Championship. Click here to send me an email!

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Yankees v. Blue Jays- Game 93
By mvyb, 21.07.2006, 17:36

New York Yankee's Starting Lineup:
CF- Damon
SS- Jeter
DH- Giambi
3B- Rodriguez
C- Posada
RF- Williams
1B- Phillips
LF- Cabrera
2B- Cairo
P- Wright
Toronto Blue Jays' Starting Lineup:
RF- Johnson
LF- Catalanotto
CF- Wells
3B- Glaus
1B- Overbay
C- Molina
DH- Zaun
2B- Hill
SS- McDonald
P- Burnett
This game will probably have a much higher score then last night's 5-4 ballgame.
Yankee starter, Jaret Wright is 1-5 lifetime against the Jays with a horrifying 9.17 ERA against them.
Burnett, meanwhile, hasn't had his best month- he is 0-2 with a 5+ ERA. Will the Blue Jays continue to hammer on Wright, or can the Yanks break out of their mini slide with a big game against Burnett? We'll see... ( My prediction: 8-4, BlueJays)
Play ball!

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mvyb, 22.07.2006, 12:51

Hey, thanks for stopping by!
I really like A-Rod, and I know he's going through a rough period the season, but he means so much to this organization (more then most fans realize). So when he does poorly, so does the team. I have never booed Alex, and never will- I totally agree with you that Yankee fans need to show him more support, but that gets harder every night. Again, he makes a costly error last night, one the night before, and three two nights before that. He is playing like a little leaguer. Now, personally, I think Alex is the best player on the Yankee team ( right next Jeter and Mo), but when he plays badly, he plays terribly. The Yanks need him to straighten up ( and if he doesn't, they need to DH him for a couple days).

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spagz, 22.07.2006, 09:41

Hey Zach,
Like what you've done so far!
I am an editor of the DMOZ.ORG directory. Just wanted to let you know I just reviewed your site for submission, and you are now listed. Hopefully this will bring some visitors, and help build your popularity and get you some feedback comments. I'm a hardcore Yankee fan, so I chose to edit the category you are now listed under: http://dmoz.org/Sports/Baseball/Major_League/Teams/New_York_Yankees/
Now for my biased opinion on your writings thus far: GIVE A-ROD A BREAK! :-) I know it is frustrating watching him struggle with the money he takes down. But I would really like to see fans give him a bit of a break. I was at the Mariners game Monday the 17th and I was ashamed of the booing. Yankees players (keep in mind, this is all MY OPINION!) should not get booed! Well, unless their name was Kevin Brown!!! Yankee Stadium should be a place where the OPPONENTS fear being booed and mocked, not the other way around! I just think that between the tough fans, and the ruthless NY media, many players are intimidated to the point they can't perform sometimes. And I don't think it should be that way. At least not as often as it happens. I often wonder how many good/great players we miss out on because they don't want to deal with the terror of the NY fans and media. In this age of "no trade clauses", I'm sure it happens more than anyone knows. Yeah, coming to NY means more money usually, and always a better chance of getting a ring. That may not be enough for a player to risk his career to a team where he may end up hated, traded, or put out to pasture! If a guy can't cut it, fine! But give the guy a chance at least. A-Rod is human. He is a stellar player normally, going through a bit of a rough time. But for whatever reason, he has just never been fully accepted as a "True Yankee". You don't see Mo get booed for blowing a save, or Jeter getting booed for a strike out with the bases loaded. And keep in mind Jeter, as great as he has been, went NINE YEARS without a grand slam, with countless opportunities! Alex has had his fair share of slams!
OK, I'm rambling now..
Good luck!!!

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