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Hey! My name is Zachary and this is my site, Yankee Mania, where I explore the games, players, and transactions of the greatest team in baseball. Hated by some but loved by others, the New York Yankees have dominated the world of sports for over a century. This year I follow their noble quest to win yet another World Series Championship. Click here to send me an email!

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Wednesday August, 02 2006.
Yanks Pick up Big Win Against Jays
By mvyb, 10:33

Blue Jays- 1, Yankees- 5
Jaret Wright can be counted on to do one thing for this team- pitch five mediocre/ok innings. I was glad to see him throw more then 100 pitches ( for the first time this season), hopefully, it's a sign that Torre will make him go a little longer in the coming ballgames. But heck, he only allowed one run on 5 hits and one walk against a very powerful lineup. Not bad. Not bad at all.
Villone, Over-Used, and Farnsworth pitched the 6-9th innings. Villone struggled just a bit in the seventh ( he almost had his head cleaved off by a line drive back to the mound). And Mr. Over-Used almost blew the ballgame- Frank Catalanotto missed a game-tying homer by about 5 feet.
Five runs isn't always enough, but today it was. Alex Rodriguez's RBI double tied the game at 1, and Bernie cleared the bases with a three-run double to give the Yanks a permanent lead. Abreu, in his first game with the Yanks, went 0 for 3, but had a huge 10-pitch, at-bat in the fourth inning where he walked to load the bases. He got a nice hand by the New York crowd ( as did A-Rod), and he was greeted warmly by Sheffield. Analysts had feared that Sheff might hold some ill-feelings at Abreu (seeing that Abreu did take his job), but that was not the case (thank goodness!) 
Oh, and the BoSox lost... no dramatic comeback by that monster DH they have. So the Yanks and Sox are now tied on top of the AL East ( actually if you look at the percentage points, the Yankees lead by .002)  And, at this moment, the New York Yankees are the second best team in baseball (after Detroit). A pretty big transition from last year at this time.
Yankee Player of the Game: Bernie Williams

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Monday July, 31 2006.
Yankees Strengthen the Bench
By mvyb, 17:10

Hanging out in front of the TV all day watching Buster Olney, Steve Phillips, Karl Ravech, and the other ESPN reporters buzzing around with the news on trades and transactions throughout the majors is wicked awesome!
One day after signing Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle, the Yanks go out and strengthen their very weak bench ( Cairo, Green, and Crosby). Craig Wilson of the Pittsburgh Pirates came over in exchange for Yankee pitcher Shawn Chacon.
Wilson's numbers this year: 13 HRs, 41 RBI, 38 R, 68 H, .267 BA
Not bad for a bench player... He's a guy who could come in late in the game, and drive in a couple of runs. Great pick up for the Yanks!
Chacon's numbers this year: 5-3 record, 36 BB, 35 K, 7.00 ERA
I've been wanting the Yankees to get rid of him for some time now... Now that Cory Lidle is in town, Chacon can go away.
This was a great trade for the Yankees... Chacon has done nothing for new York this year ( after being so good last year), and has been just hanging around in the bullpen for weeks.

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Sunday July, 30 2006.
Abreu and Lidle to New York!
By mvyb, 21:49

This afternoon,  ESPN reported  that the "New York Yankees acquired All-Star right fielder Bobby Abreu and starting pitcher Cory Lidle from the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday" for 20-year-old minor-league shortstop C.J. Henry,  left-handed reliever Matt Smith, and  right-hander Carlos Monasterios.
Bobby Abreu*
Abreu will add another outfield bat to the Yankee lineup, and Lidle will help strengthen the starting rotation.
- Abreu will be another strong bat in the Yankee lineup, his on-base-percentage is among the top in the majors. He'll hit 20-30 homers, he'll steal 30 bases, and drive in 100+ runs a year. 
- Cory Lidle, although he's not an ace, is MUCH better then Chacon, Ponson, and Wright this year. He pitched well in Philadelphia ( which is NOT a pitcher's ballpark), and should pitch even better in New York. Now, once again, I'm not saying he's gonna be lights out, but he's gonna be good enough.
- This was a cheap deal. The Yanks got a good pitcher and a good outfielder for almost nothing ( as in players they traded away). Proctor, Cabrera, and Phillips are still our's.
- The Yanks didn't need Abreu!!! By the end of the year, they'll have eight outfielders- Matsui, Sheffield, Damon, Williams, Abreu, Crosby, Guiel, and Cabrera. In my opinion, he was a waste of money.
- Abreu hasn't homered in over 100 at-bats... he's been power slumping terribly.
- Why did the Yanks trade away Matt Smith? He had a lot of talent, and was just about ready for the majors! Now, we're gonna be stuck with TJ Beam for months...
Cory Lidle*
So, what is your opinion? Good trade or bad? How will the trade hurt or help the Yanks this season?

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Yanks Take Series With D'Rays
By mvyb, 16:56

Devil Rays- 2, Yankees- 4
W- Mussina ( 13-3)
L- Shields ( 4-5)
S- Rivera (26)
Notable Yankee Players:
CF- Damon, 3-4 ( single, 2 HR [13], 2 RBI, 3 runs )
SS- Jeter, 2-4 ( single, double, 2 RBI )
RF- Guiel, 2-3 ( single, double )
P- Mussina: 5H, 2R, 2BB, 8K, 7IP
When was the last time Mike Mussina had a bad start? Anyone remember? I don't.  Mussina pitched seven solid innings, striking out 8 batters. He is now tied with the most wins (13) in baseball this year. Kyle Farnsworth struck out the side in the eighth ( no ill-effects from that back injury), and Rivera shut the door in the ninth.
Johnny Damon provided half of the Yankee runs, two solo bombs to the upper deck in right field. The captain brought in the other two runs on a double ( Jeter's driven in 2 or more RBIs in 3 straight games.)
Yankee Player of the Game: Mike Mussina
Devil Rays- 19, Yankees- 6
W- Seo (3-9)
L- Johnson (11-9)
Notable Yankee Players:
SS- Jeter, 2-4 ( single, solo HR [8], 2 RBI, run )
DH- Giambi, 1-3 ( solo HR [30], 2 runs, 3 walks )
Box_score ( don't look!)
I'm not gonna talk about this one... Randy Johnson was sick, because of the heat, I think. He was having trouble catching his breath, even in the warmup, so I'll excuse this bad start. Two questions, though.
1. Why is Chacon still on this team?
2. Why is Beam still on this team?
Yankee Player of the Game: Derek Jeter
Devil Rays- 0, Yankees- 6
W- Wang ( 12-4)
L- Corcoran (4-2)
Notable Yankee Players:
SS- Jeter, 3-5 ( 2 singles, double, 3 RBI, stolen base, run )
RF- Williams, 2-4 ( single, solo HR [8], RBI,  run)
P- Wang: 2H, 2BB, K, 9IP
Wang rocks! He recorded 18 ground ball outs ( including 1 double play).
Why only one double play?
Because he allowed only 4 baserunners! It was Wang's first career, complete-game shutout.
Oh, and Bernie homered, and Jeter drove in 3 runs on three hits.
Yankee Player of the Game: Chien Ming Wang

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Thursday July, 27 2006.
Yanks Rally Twice, Sweep Texas!
By mvyb, 11:03

Yankees- 8, Rangers- 7
W- Chacon ( 5-3)
L- Otsuka (2-4)
S- Rivera (25)
This was the second multi-rally game the Yanks have staged against the Texas Rangers in '06. The last one ended on Jorge Posada's two-out, walkoff home run in the bottom of the ninth at Yankee Stadium. Tonight was almost as good.
In the top of the first, things were lookin' good for the Yanks, Andy Phillips had broken out of his horrendous slump ( 1-18 ) with a two-out, bases-loaded single.
2-0, Yankees ( 1st inn)
In the second, Jarett Wright gave the lead back- on a two-run double by the pesky, Kevin Mench. Mench is 6 for his last 7 against Wright... (ouch!)
2-2, tie ( 2nd inn)
For some reason the Yanks took the next couple innings off, making Texas pitching look incredible. Wright, meanwhile, gave up an RBI sac fly to Mench ( Grrrr!) and an RBI double to Blalock in the fifth. Wright only ended up pitching 5 and 1/3rd innings, giving up 5 hits, 4 runs ( only 3 were earned), a walk, and 3 K's.
4-2, Rangers ( 5th inn)
Ron Villone came in to take over for Wright, and did a very nice job. After being hit hard by Texas last night, Villone rebounded and pitched an impressive 2 innings. But the Yankee batters refused to hit the ball with authority...until the top of the eighth.
4-2, Rangers (7th inn)
Francisco Cordero came in in the eighth to face the heart ( or actually the liver) of the Yankee lineup. Alex Rodriguez worked the count full, and then blasted a rally-starting solo homer to dead center field. Bernie walked, Phillips singled ( for the third time), and Melky strode to the plate, prepared to bunt. Fortunately ( as it turns out), Melky does not know the fine art of bunting. Eventually, after fouling off two balls in the attempt to bunt,  he gave up, and slapped a two-run double to left field. It was great, not only to see a clutch hit out of New York's rookie, but to see him hit the opposite way so well ( missed a homer by a couple of feet). Hideki Matsui took a long time getting used to the notion of going the other way, especially for power.  Anyway, Melky later scored on a wild pitch...
6-4, Yankees ( 8th)
I thought the ballgame was over. Farnsworth had been warming, along side Mike Myers. But to my surprise, when the commercials ended and Gary Matthews, Jr. was walking up to the plate, T. J. Beam was on the mound for New York. ???????? His "slim" 12.38 ERA, 15 hits ( 11 runs) in just 8 innings pitched, and 4 homers were not to be coveted. ( Later I learned that Farnsworth had pulled his back or something, but should be ready to pitch by Friday. ) But why Beam???? ( And why is Matt Smith still down in triple A???....sorry...)
Beam couldn't throw strikes, which is a problem for a young pitcher who wants to have a major league career. He walked Matthews and served up a ground-rule-double to Ian Kinsler. Torre stormed to the mound, glared at Beam, snatched the ball, closed his eyes, and handed said ball to Scott Overused Proctor. Genius. Proctor promptly gave up a two-run single and then 3 consecutive bloop base hits ( one drove in a run). Bases were loaded and nobody was out.
7-6, Rangers ( bottom 8th)
Simmering, Torre came back out to the mound, shuddered, and handed the ball to Shawn Chacon. I changed the channel to watch the rest of an old Star Trek episode, but when I returned to YES, the Yanks were batting in the top of the ninth- the score was still just 7-6! It seems that Chacon wriggled his way out of the jam, giving a most impressive performance. He struck out Mark Derosa, and then got Brad Wilkerson to line back to the mound for a 1-3 double play.
7-6, Rangers ( 9th)
The captain got on base ( as he does best), and watched Jason Giambi ( who had been 0 for 4 on the night) launch a mammoth shot into deep right field. Mariano Rivera trotted out in the bottom of the ninth and shut the door ( as he does best).
8-7, Yankees!
How did this happen? The key play of the game, was Chacon getting out of the bases-loaded, nobody-out jam... If he gave up one hit, the Rangers would easily win the ballgame. Is this a sign of Chacon coming back to form? Let's not get excited... but it's gonna be interested to see who gets the start on Tuesday.
Oh, and I forgot to mention that Sal Fasano made his Yankee-debut tonight. He went 1 for 3 at the dish with a single and a sac bunt.
Yankee Player of the Game: Shawn Chacon

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Wednesday July, 26 2006.
Yankees Sign Catcher Sal Fasano
By mvyb, 10:36

According to the New_York_Times, the Yanks have gone out and acquired a new back-up catcher, Sal Fasano:
"July 26, 2006 -- ARLINGTON - Looking to upgrade their backup catching situation the Yankees acquired Sal Fasano from the Phillies last night for an undisclosed minor leaguer, The Post has learned.Fasano had been designated for assignment by the Phillies last weekend and immediately caught the Yankees' attention because he was with them in spring training in 2004 and spent the season with Columbus (Triple-A). Fasano, 34, is expected to replace Kelly Stinnett."
Fasano will be a sure offensive upgrade, last year (while he was with Baltimore) he put up these numbers:
.250 BA, 11HR, .310 OBP, .475 SLG
This year:
.243 BA, 4 HR, .284 OBP, .386 SLG
These numbers are all progressively higher then Stinnett's. Fasano might be able to drive in a couple of runs, every now and then...
Fasano also brings a .990 fielding percentage (365 innings) which is a bit better then Stinnett's .989 ( 222 innings). Fasano has been an everyday catcher for the past couple of years, so he will be available for many innings of work ( in case of an injury to Posada). 

Back in March, Philidelphia pitcher, Ryan Franklin told MLB.com, "Every guy [pitcher] loves to have someone back there who knows what he's doing and has total confidence in his game-calling. That's what we have with Sal. There's a reason he's stuck around so long."

Thumbs up to this signing.

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Mussina, Guiel Lead Yanks to Victory
By mvyb, 09:41

Yankees- 7, Rangers- 4
W- Mussina ( 12-3)
L- Eaton (0-1)
S- Rivera (24)
Notable Yankee Players:
RF- Guiel, 1-3 ( 3-run HR [6], 2 runs)
2B- Cairo, 1-4 ( single, 2 RBIs)
P- Mussina: 5H, 3R, 3ER, 2BB, 4K, 6IP
Once again, Mike Mussina stepped up and delivered a quality outing for his team. Although he only went 6 innings ( 97 pitches), he held the Rangers to three runs.
The Yankees only had 4 hits on the night, but the six walks, 2 hit-by-pitches, and error by Texas pitcher, Bauer helped New York scored 7 runs. The big hit was Aaron Guiel's 3-run homer in the fifth inning; one inning earlier, Miguel Cairo had given the Yanks a short lead on a two-run single. Cairo's 23 RBIs passes his last season's total (19).
Yankee Player of the Game: Aaron Guiel

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Tuesday July, 25 2006.
Yankees @ Rangers- Game 98
By mvyb, 18:15

8:05PM ( ET)
New York Yankee Starting Lineup:
LF- Cabrera
SS- Jeter
DH- Giambi
3B- Rodriguez
C- Posada
RF- Guiel
1B- Phillips
2B- Cairo
CF- Crosby
P- Mussina
Texas Rangers Starting Lineup:
CF-  Matthews Jr.
2B- Kinsler
SS- Young
1B- Teixeira
3B- Blalock
RF- Mench
DH- DeRosa
LF- Wilkerson
C- Barajas
P- Eaton
Johnny Damon has another day off, after tweaking his back yesterday (while getting out of a car).
Only a handful of Yankees have ever faced Adam Eaton- Rodriguez (2 for 3), Jeter (1 for 4), Giambi ( 0 for 5) and Posada (0 for 2).
Eaton has good stuff, this might turn out to be a pitching duel... Play ball!

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Yanks Bring the Heat
By mvyb, 10:50

Yankees- 6, Rangers- 2
W- Johnson (11-8)
L- Millwood (10-6)
Notable Yankee Players:
LF- Cabrera, 3-4 ( single, double, triple, walk, stolen base, and 2 runs)
SS- Jeter, 2-4 ( double, triple, sac bunt, run, and RBI )
3B- Rodriguez, 2-5 ( single, double, run, and RBI )
RF- Guiel, 1-5 ( solo HR [5] )
2B- Cairo, 1-4 ( double and 2 RBI )
P- Johnson: 7H, 2ER, 2R, 2BB, 7K, 6IP
Randy Johnson provided another quality start last night, as he picked up his 11th victory of the year. Johnson pitched 6 innings ( labored just a bit ) and struck out 7 batters ( walked only 2).  The Proctor-Farnsworth-Rivera combo is working excellently- Farnsworth hasn't walked a batter in ll innings, in fact, he has struck out the side in two consecutive innings pitched. Proctor seems to be rejuvinated by the rest he got during the All Star break, and Rivera is..... Rivera.
The Yankees put their hitting shoes on again last night, racking up 6 runs on 10 hits and 5 walks. Melky Cabrera was just a home run away from the cycle ( he had a single, double, triple, walk, 2 runs scored, and a stolen base on the night.) Cabrera and Jeter hit back-to-back triples in the third inning to tie the ballgame, then Miguel Cairo's two-run double gave the Yankees the lead. Aaron Guiel ( solo home run) and Alex Rodriguez ( RBI double) tacked on two more runs.
Yankee Player of the Game: Melky Cabrera

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Monday July, 24 2006.
Trading A-Rod: To Be or not to Be?
By mvyb, 13:27

Last night, on ESPN's Baseball Tonight, the subject of trading the Yankee third baseman was brought up. Several of the analysts claimed that this was the best action for Yankee management to take. Yankee fans have been booing Alex since the first day of this season, no matter what he does. He will never live up to New York's expectation, or play comfortably under such a spotlight.
Now, I don't know whether or not Yankee fans will ever truly except Alex, but he is desperately needed in New York and I'll show you why.
Let's look at Rodriguez's numbers this season:
99 hits ( 14th among major league third-basemen) 
67 runs ( 2nd among major league third-basemen )
21 home runs ( T-2nd among major league third-basemen )
71 RBI ( 2nd among major league third-basemen )
.277 batting average ( 12th among major league third-basemen )
.389 OBP ( 8th among major league third-basemen )
.499 slugging P ( 10th among major league third-basemen )
Ok, so in comparison to other third baseman, Alex isn't doing too bad. In the offensive categories, he's right on top. The biggest thing I see here is his lack of hitting and getting on base- his batting average, hit total, doubles, and slugging percent are way too low for even an average thirdbaseman.
Now let's look at his offensive numbers last year:
.321 batting average ( 6th in the majors)
48 home runs ( 2nd in the majors)
124 runs (1st in the majors)
130 RBIs ( 3rd in the majors)
This year, he's on-pace for these numbers:
.284 batting average
37 home runs
120 runs
128 RBIs
Imagine the Yankee season without these numbers.
Yeah, the home run total and batting average are a bit low, but the runs and RBI totals are almost exactly the same as Rodriguez's MVP season! A struggling Alex Rodriguez is still better then almost any other player, playing at his best. Alex is also hitting above .300 with runners in scoring position this year, up several points from last year!
Defensively, we don't need to look at any stats- Alex is having an off-year. He's made five errors just this week, but that can be corrected by Larry Bowa.
But when discussing the option of trading A-Rod, there is a big problem:
Who could the Yankees possibly get to replace him? Who could take over as New York's third baseman, cleanup hitter, and MVP? Alex Rodriguez is one of the greatest players in the history of the game, how do you go about replacing him?
The only thirdbasemen even close to A-Rod's caliber of playing would be Miguel Cabrera of Florida and David Wright of the Mets. Wright is locked down with the Mets (they will never let him go), and Cabrera has shown stubborn loyalties to the Florida franchise.
So, all in all, trading away Alex Rodriguez would be foolish to an extreme....
Alex Rodriguez will show up soon (hopefully this week), both with the glove and with the bat. He played for years in Texas, so he should do well in the upcoming series with the Rangers.
Here are Rodriguez's numbers against the Texas starters:
Kevin Millwood: .455 BA ( 5 for 11) with a home run and a double
Adam Eaton: .667 (2 for 3) with a home run
John Wasdin: .348 ( 8 for 23) with four home runs!
Pretty nice... I expect good things out of A-Rod this week.

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Leaving Toronto......Thank, God
By mvyb, 10:42

Yankees- 5, Blue Jays- 13
W- Marcum (1-0)
L- Ponson (4-5)
Notable Yankee Players:
SS- Jeter, 2-3 ( 2 singles, run)
1B- Giambi, 2-4 ( single, double, run)
C- Posada, 2-4 ( single, 3-run HR [12] )
2B- Green, 2-4 ( single, double, run, RBI )
Ponson doesn't seem to be working out- six earned runs in less then three innings. Chacon and Wilson were almost worse. I have no idea what the Yanks are gonna do about the number 5 spot next time it comes around. Maybe by that time, the Yanks will have acquired a new pitcher....I hope.
Positive news: The Yanks pounded out 13 hits and 5 runs- Damon, Jeter, Giambi, Posada, Green, and Cabrera all had at least two hits.
The Yanks are headed to Texas, for hopefully, a better series! ( Please wake up, A-Rod!)
Yankee Player of the Game: Jorge Posada

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Saturday July, 22 2006.
Quick Recap of Games 93 and 94
By mvyb, 19:49

Yankees- 5, Blue Jays- 4
W- Wang (11-4)
L- Downs (4-1)
S- Rivera (23)
Notable Yankee Players:
SS- Jeter, 2-3 ( 2 singles, RBI, and a run)
C- Posada, 1-4 ( triple, run)
RF- Williams, 2-4 ( single, 2 runs, 2-run HR [7] )
PH/1B- Giambi, 1-1 ( walk, RBI double)
Chien-Ming Wang delivered yet another quality start for the Yanks, and picked up his 11th win of the season. Wang gave up four earned runs, but induced some huge double plays.
Bernie Williams' two run homer, Giambi's pinch-hit RBI double, and Derek Jeter's bases-loaded walk were the Yankee run-scoring plays. ( The Yanks also scored a run on a balk by Lily) Jorge Posada tripled for the first time in four years, and Melky Cabrera singled and scored in the seventh inning. Oddly, Jaret Wright was called upon to pinch run for Giambi in the ninth inning...?
But the story of the game was the New York Bullpen:
Proctor: 1 inning pitched, 1 hit, and 3 strikeouts
Farnsworth: 1 inning pitched and 3 strikeouts
Rivera- 1 innings pitched and save recorded
Proctor and Farnsworth struck out a combined six consecutive batters over two innings of work, blowing 100+ mph fastballs past Toronto bats.
Yankee Player/s of the Game: The Bullpen!
Yankees- 3, Blue Jays- 7
W- Burnett ( 2-3)
L- Wright (6-6)
Notable Yankee Players:
SS- Jeter, 2-4 ( 2 singles, run)
3B- Rodriguez, 1-4 ( 3-run HR [21] )
Jaret Wright's struggles against Toronto continued last night; he pitched only 2.2 innings, allowing five runs on seven hits and two walks. One thing to note- almost every ground-ball hit was a direct result of the Toronto stadium's turf. Playable balls were skipping past the usually reliable Yankee infielders. Shawn Chacon took over for Wright, and he wasn't that bad. Chacon didn't have that much control over his pitches, but he did hold the Blue Jays to just one run over almost three innings.
Alex Rodriguez was the only thing between Burnett and a shutout over the Yanks. His three-run homer was not only his 450th home run of his career, but his 2,000th hit.
Yankee Player of the Game: Alex Rodriguez 

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Friday July, 21 2006.
Yankees v. Blue Jays- Game 93
By mvyb, 17:36

New York Yankee's Starting Lineup:
CF- Damon
SS- Jeter
DH- Giambi
3B- Rodriguez
C- Posada
RF- Williams
1B- Phillips
LF- Cabrera
2B- Cairo
P- Wright
Toronto Blue Jays' Starting Lineup:
RF- Johnson
LF- Catalanotto
CF- Wells
3B- Glaus
1B- Overbay
C- Molina
DH- Zaun
2B- Hill
SS- McDonald
P- Burnett
This game will probably have a much higher score then last night's 5-4 ballgame.
Yankee starter, Jaret Wright is 1-5 lifetime against the Jays with a horrifying 9.17 ERA against them.
Burnett, meanwhile, hasn't had his best month- he is 0-2 with a 5+ ERA. Will the Blue Jays continue to hammer on Wright, or can the Yanks break out of their mini slide with a big game against Burnett? We'll see... ( My prediction: 8-4, BlueJays)
Play ball!

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E-Rod Strikes Again
By mvyb, 10:31

Yankees- 4, Blue Jays- 5 (11 innings)
W- Tallet (3-0)
L- Rivera (4-5)
Notable Yankee Players:
C- Posada, 3-5 ( 1B, 1B, 2B, RBI)
2B- Cairo, 1-3 ( 1B, R, RBI, SB, sac fly)
LF- Cabrera, 1-3 ( 1B, BB, R, 2 SB)
P- Mussina: 7IP, 6H, 4R, 4ER, 6K
P- Proctor: H, 2K, 2IP
These are the toughest games to watch and then write about.... Mike Mussina pitched beautifully and deserved his 12th win of the year. Scott Proctor was brilliant and gave the Yankees the chance to win the ballgame in extras. Jason Giambi and Jorge Posada led a comeback against one of the game's best closers, B. J. Ryan. All for nothing.
Yes, Mariano Rivera gave up the walkoff home run to Wells, but the real cause for this loss was Yankee thirdbaseman, Alex Rodriguez.
Here's the scenario: It's the sixth inning, Yankees up 3 to 0. Blue Jays have a runner on third with one out. Hill chops to third base, and Alex Rodriguez fields the ball easily. Because of the artificial turf, the ball came right at A-Rod, giving him plenty of time to throw the runner out at home, and maybe even start a 5-2-3 double play.
Instead, Alex makes a terrible throw home (a truly terrible throw) allowing the runner at third to score and the batter, Hill, to advance to second base. Rodriguez was given an error on the play, but Mussina was still charged with an earned run. Things crumbled for Mussina in that inning as he allowed four consecutive hits. All four runs were earned and charged to Mussina. ( Now if I was the official scorer, at least two of the runs would have been unearned. ) A-Rod's miscue clearly messed up Mussina's rhythm, because when Mussina came back out in the seventh, he pitched an easy 1-2-3 inning. If Alex makes the throw home, the Yanks win the ballgame. ( And even if Alex threw the Hill out at first, allowing the one runner to score- the Yanks would have still won the game.)
During the YES network postgame, Mike Mussina was asked about Rodriguez, "We need him back, the way he's supposed to be."
Roy Halladay wasn't as sharp as I expected him to be, so the Yanks did get 8 hits and 3 runs off of him. Jorge Posada had the big night with three hits and an RBI. It was nice to see the Yanks play small-ball last night- the sac bunt, sac fly, and 3 stolen bases were very helpful in pushing a couple runs across against Doc Halladay.
Yankee Player of the Game: Scott Proctor

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Thursday July, 20 2006.
Yankees v. Blue Jays - Game 92
By mvyb, 18:14

New York Yankees' Starting Lineup:
CF- Damon
SS- Jeter
DH- Giambi
3B- Rodriguez
C- Posada
RF- Williams
1B- Phillips
LF- Cabrera
2B- Cairo
P- Mussina
Toronto Blue Jays' Starting Lineup:
RF- Johnson
LF- Catalanotto
CF- Wells
3B- Glaus
1B- Overbay
C- Molina
DH- Zaun
2B- Hill
SS- McDonald
P- Halladay
What a game this should be! Halladay leads the American League with 12 wins; Mussina is right behind him with 11.  Their ERAs are just about the same.
Haladay: 3.06 ERA
Mussina: 3.30 ERA
Mussina has allowed 17 homers ( to Halladay's 12) and has struck out 113 ( to Halladay's 75). Halladay keeps the ball on the ground, which should mean the Yanks will bop into a million double plays. Hopefully Mussina will have his game on tonight.
My Prediction: 6-4 (Blue Jays winning)
We'll see how it goes!

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