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Hey! My name is Zachary and this is my site, Yankee Mania, where I explore the games, players, and transactions of the greatest team in baseball. Hated by some but loved by others, the New York Yankees have dominated the world of sports for over a century. This year I follow their noble quest to win yet another World Series Championship. Click here to send me an email!

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Tuesday October, 24 2006.
More A-Rod Rumors
By mvyb, 11:52

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the White Sox may be seeking to trade for Alex Rodriguez during the offseason. The Sox aren't sure who they're going to have at third base in '07. Their 2006 third baseman, Joe Crede is having surgery on his back this month. Crede is coming off of a very nice 30 HR, 94 RBI season- his stock is higher then ever.

With the offseason posturing and hustling ready to begin next week, that all-too-familiar scent is emanating again from the South Side. The New York Yankees are rumored to be interested in shopping Alex Rodriguez, and the Sox are being named in New York newspapers as one of the teams supposedly pursuing him.

''Every time you mention [Rodriguez's] name, it seems like our name also comes up,'' Guillen said in a phone interview. ''This kid is one of the best in the game. I don't know the exact direction we're going at this point because we're not sure about the [Joe] Crede situation.''

Now of course, Alex has that handy no-trade clause in his contract, allowing him to veto any possible trade the Yankees might want to include him in. On October 11th, Alex wrote this on his personal website:
"I am 100 percent committed to being a Yankee now and in the future. I don't want to play anywhere else. I never have (and never will) run away from the responsibility I have to this team."
From the side of logic, the issue of trading A-Rod anywhere seems ridiculous. He's averaged over 35 homers and 120 RBIs each year he's been with the Yankees. He was the '05 league MVP, and has been a starting-lineup All Star for three straight years. Why would the Yankees trade him? Or, perhaps a better question would be- who would we trade him for?
Jim Thome- a guy who hits just as many homers and drives in just as many runs as Alex, while playing no defense? Jermaine Dye- an All Star outfielder? ( Keep in mind that we have our '07 outfield set up.) These guys wouldn't fit... Crede, Podsednik, and Anderson are too inconsistent to come to the Yankees.
What about Chicago's pitching? Want to try Contreras, again? How about Vazquez? I really don't want to go there...
And don't dream about getting Garland- Guillen said in the Times article that he wants to rebuild the starting rotation. You don't do that by trading away your ace.
The only ChiSox player I'd like to see in pinstripes is Bobby Jenks ( as a 7th or 8th inning guy), but still, he doesn't come near the value of Alex Rodriguez.
In other news, Sal Fasano and Nick Green have become free agents. I guess this means that Wil Nieves may be seeing some time in the big leagues.
Heard the expression "everyone hates the umpire"? Well, this is why. Rogers should have been tossed immediately... Disgrace for baseball.
Ok, enough of me for now, what do you'all think? Should the Yankees trade Alex, and if so, for whom? Also, please share your thoughts on the Kenny Rogers' "foreign substance" incident, I want to know if you're all as outraged as I am.

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Friday October, 20 2006.
New York Lets Us Down Again
By mvyb, 13:24

First it was the Yankees, exiting the playoffs with a whimper. Now the Mets, who were trying to carry their fans' hearts to the World Series, are heading home.
You have to congratulate the St. Louis Cardinals who played better then anyone could have imagined.  Who would have thought that Yadier Molina would bat over .350 and hit the series-winning home run? Who would have thought Scott Spiezio would lead the team in the first three games? Could anyone see Suppan and Weaver coming out and pitching like aces against the powerful Mets' lineup?
It's results like these that make baseball special, and better then other professional sports.
We've seen this October magic a lot lately:
2001: The Arizona Diamondbacks somehow find a way to beat the mighty New York Yankees.
2003: I'm still shocked that the Marlins beat the Cubs, and then the Yankees.
2004: Down 3 games to 0, the Boston Red Sox mount the greatest postseason series comeback of all time.
But this year, the Yankees and Mets were denied that magic. Hearts were broken. Tears were shed.
All you can do is pick yourself up, and move on...
Maybe next year.

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Friday October, 13 2006.
Stay Out of the Private Jets, Already!
By mvyb, 21:24

Barely 48 hours after Cory Lidle lost his life in a tragic plane accident, the Yankees had another scare on Friday afternoon about 3,000 miles away.

Alex Rodriguez was aboard a private jet that overran a runway at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, Calif., and was brought to a halt by an arresting system.

"I spoke to Alex," his agent, Scott Boras, told The Associated Press. "He's fine."

Federal officials said that none of the seven people aboard were injured.

Ok, I think the Yankees should just stay out of private jets for a while. I know the players want to go home for the winter, but please, can't you guys just take a train or a bus or a boat? 
Some tidbits from around the blogging universe:
-Steve Lombardi talks about Mike Mussina's future...it appears the Yanks aren't gonna pick up his option.
- YanksBlog has several good posts on the issue of trading Alex Rodriguez. I think trading A-Rod is definitely something the Yanks should look into, but do we really want him hitting 50+ homers for an opposing team?
-And Baseball Prospectus has some great stuff on Robinson Cano...
Read on, and have a nice weekend!

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Thursday October, 12 2006.
A Look At Cory Lidle's Life and the Reaction to His Tragic Death
By mvyb, 13:01

Cory Fulton Lidle was born in Hollywood, California on March 22, 1972 to Doug and Lisa Lidle. He had one brother ( his twin), Kevin, who became a minor league catcher in the Detroit Tigers' farm system. Cory Lidle attended South Hills High School with future Yankee teammate, Jason Giambi.
After graduating highschool, Cory Lidle married Melanie Varela. Four months later, Lidle was signed by the New York Mets as a starting/relief pitcher. ( Because Lidle became a replacement player during the 1994 baseball strike, he was not eligible to join the MLB Players Union.) On May 7, 1997 Lidle made his major league debut, in which he worked two innings of scoreless relief. He picked up his first major league win three days later in St. Louis.
Over the next two years, Lidle was signed by the Arizona Diamondbacks and then the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, but an injury to his right elbow kept him off the mound most of the time. In 2000, Lidle's wife gave birth to his only son, Christopher.
Cory Lidle joined the Oakland Athletics in 2001. Over the final three months of '01, Lidle became almost unhittable ( 12-2, 2.74 ERA). It was by far the best stretch of his big league career. In 2003, Cory Lidle joined the Blue Jays and picked up 12 wins in another injury-plagued season. Lidle did garner a career-high 10 strikeouts in an August game versus the Chicago White Sox.
In 2004, Cory Lidle was an Opening Day starter for the first time in his career ( with the Cincinnati Reds.) He picked up career-highs in innings-pitched (211.1), games started (34), strikeouts (126), complete games (5), and shutouts (3). In July, Lidle was picked up by Phillidelphia, where he stayed until mid-2006, when he was traded to the New York Yankees.
 Lidle was 4-3 in 9 starts for New York, picking up his biggest win for the team on August 21st ( six scoreless innings against the Boston Red Sox). He also pitched in Game 4 of the Division Series against Detroit.
On Wednesday, October 11th, at approximately 2:36PM a small plane crashed into a 50-story building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The plane had been piloted by Cory Lidle.
Officials say that Lidle reported fuel problems minutes after taking off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Others claim they heard the craft's engine sputter and die before it slammed into the apartment building. But there was one thing horrified New Yorkers knew for certain- Cory Lidle, a great father, husband, and baseball player had died.
"Right now, I am really in a state of shock, as I am sure the entire MLB family is. My thoughts are with Cory's relatives and the loved ones of the others who were injured or killed in this plane crash. " said Yankee first baseman Jason Giambi. "I have known Cory and his wife Melanie for over 18 years and watched his son grow up. We played high school ball together and have remained close throughout our careers. We were excited to be reunited in New York this year and I am just devastated to hear this news."
Johnny Damon was also a teammate of Giambi and Lidle in Oakland. "I am very saddened at the tragic loss of Cory, who was my teammate, and my friend," Damon said. "I cared for him and his family, and my heart goes out to his wife Melanie, and his son Christopher. He was a great person who enjoyed everything in life, and I will really miss him."
One by one, the Yankees made remarks to the media on the death of their teammate. Ken Macha, Barry Zito, Eric ChavezRick Peterson, and several other players and managers talked to reporters about Cory Lidle.
To hear of anyone's untimely death is saddening, but when someone like Cory Lidle, a member of the Yankees- someone who you feel you know, dies- it really shakes you up. All you can do is say a prayer for the family and friends of Cory Lidle ( and the flight instructor who also perished in the crash.)
I urge you to check out some moving posts on the grief that is being felt over Lidle's tragic death.
This is indeed a sad day for baseball...

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Wednesday October, 11 2006.
Cory Lidle Dies in Plane Crash
By mvyb, 17:02

ESPN.com breaking news story
A small plane piloted by New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle crashed into a 50-story condominium tower Wednesday on Manhattan's Upper East Side, raining flaming debris onto the sidewalks below and rattling New Yorkers' nerves five years after the Sept. 11 attack.

Lidle died in the crash.

The twin-engine plane came through a hazy, cloudy sky and hit the 20th floor of The Belaire -- a red-brick tower overlooking the East River, about five miles from the World Trade Center -- with a loud bang, touching off a raging fire that cast a pillar of black smoke over the city and sent flames shooting from four windows on two adjoining floors.

Absolutely sickening.... and terrifying....
Pray for Lidle's family and friends....

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Jeter, Cano Named Sporting News All-Stars
By mvyb, 13:36

Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter and second baseman Robinson Cano picked up the Sporting News' All Star awards for their positions on Tuesday.
Robinson Cano batted .342 ( 3rd best in the American League) with 17 homers and 78 RBIs. Cano, in his second year in the majors, missed over a month of playing time while on the DL with a hamstring injury. But when he returned, he boosted the Yankees to their 9th consecutive division title.
Derek Jeter, the Yankee captain, batted .343 with 14 HRs, 97 RBIs, 34 stolen bases, 214 hits, and 118 runs scored. Jeter is a front-runner for this year's league MVP award.
This is the first time that either player has made the Sporting News All-Star team.
Other players on the list: David Ortiz, Justin Morneau, Jermaine Dye, Joe Mauer, and Johann Santana.
In other news: 
Looks like Randy Johnson's going to have surgery on his back sometime this month.
Randy Johnson almost certainly will have back surgery in the coming weeks to repair a herniated disk, and it's possible that he may not be ready to start spring training on time, GM Brian Cashman said yesterday.
Johnson's been worth every penny...
Giambi's also going under the knife to have a torn ligament in his wrist repaired. Surgery should take place next week, giving Giambi enough time to recover before Spring Training starts in March.
Carl Pavano is starting a new offseason throwing program as he tries to get in shape for the '07 season.
Cashman said that Carl Pavano would take part in a new offseason throwing program this winter, as the team tries to get the pitcher in shape for the 2007 season.
"Both of us agreed that there's something we have to try different in our winter program to make sure we have a healthy, productive Carl Pavano for '07," Cashman said. "Those discussions are going on."
The article goes on to say that Brian Cashman will meet with Pavano and the MLB Players Association to discuss disciplinary measures that may be taken against Pavano. Pavano failed to tell the Yankees when he broke several of his ribs in a car accident.
Our '07 rotation is taking shape.
For those who can't get enough, there's still plenty of coverage on Joe Torre and his future with the team.
Oh, and congrats to the Tigers on their big win last night!

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Tuesday October, 10 2006.
Steinbrenner, Cashman, and Torre on Yankee State of Affairs
By mvyb, 18:33

George Steinbrenner press release:
"I spoke to Joe Torre today and I told him, 'You're back for the year. I expect a great deal from you and the entire team. I have high expectations and I want to see enthusiasm, a fighting spirit and a team that works together. The responsibility is yours, Joe, and all of the Yankees.' Yes, I am deeply disappointed about our loss this year, we have to do better. And I deeply want a championship. It's about time."
Couldn't have said it better myself. It's disappointing (and annoying) that the Yanks didn't win it all ( or go anywhere in the postseason, for that matter). But you have to start preparing for the future. Let's get that fighting spirit back!
Steinbrenner's statement was released several minutes after the press conference.
Joe Torre at this afternoon's press conference:

"Knowing what this organization expects, from its people, especially its manager. It's something that on the heels of not being able to get through the first round, it's just something that you understand goes with the territory.

"Unfortunately this year ended all too abruptly but the season itself was very gratifying for me. I'm glad I get a chance to do it again."

Now, when he says "do it again"...?
Brian Cashman on Joe Torre and this year's team:
"I think Joe Torre is the right man for this team next year. This team played hard all year for Joe. This team did respond to him; we played our worst ball at the worst time, unfortunately."
Cashman also said that he "fully expects" A-Rod to play for the Yanks next year. He said that he has gotten offers from other teams- he first started getting "hits" around May and June ( especially near the trade deadline).
Interesting stuff...

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Breaking News: Torre Stays
By mvyb, 13:50

MLB.com Report 
Joe Torre will continue to be manager of the New York Yankees.

"I just got off the phone with George Steinbrenner and he told me I'll be the manager next year," Torre said Tuesday during a gathering with reporters at Yankee Stadium.

Thus apparently ends three days of speculation about the future of Torre, who has managed the Yankees to four World Series titles and six American League pennants in 11 seasons.

"I'm very excited about it," Torre said. "This has been the best job of my life."

Ok, this isn't much of a surprise really, if Steinbrenner was going to fire Torre, he would've done it two days ago.
My first reaction to this announcement was that of loyalty- "Yes! Our long-time manager is staying!", but then my "sour-fan" side took over.
"Great. Another year of Torre's flawed management."
But to the fans who wanted Torre to stay- congrats, you got your way. To those who wanted Torre to get canned- well, maybe next year. But, I wouldn't despair or anything if I were you. The mighty Yankees can win both with Joe Torre's help and in spite of Joe Torre's "help."
I'll be back later with more stuff, but for now head over to Lohud Yankee Blog for updated coverage on Torre's press conference.

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Players Show the Love for Torre
By mvyb, 12:15

Here are some quotes the media's gathered over the past several days:
Ron Villone
"He gave us every opportunity (to win). He put us on the field at the right times ... You can't point the finger at him."
Jaret Wright
"I mean, he didn't get any at-bats. He didn't throw any pitches. We did that and we wish it could've turned out better for him, for us and for the fans, but it didn't and you go from there."
Scott Boras, Alex Rodriguez's agent
"Alex is very supportive of Joe Torre and enjoys playing for him. I think he views what happened this postseason as one where some great starting pitchers beat a very good offense. From his perspective, that had nothing to do with Joe Torre."
Miguel Cairo
"He's still the manager. I don't know what you guys are talking about. He's the manager. He's going to be the manager until something happens different but he's still the manager."
Ron Villone
"He's a class act. He knows what he's doing. He's a great manager."
Scott Proctor
"I've got nothing but great things to say about him. He gave me an opportunity. I learned a lot about handling New York. ... He handles the caliber of guys we had better than anyone."
NJ.com (Sports)
Chien-Ming Wang
"...[Torre] should stay here [as manager]. If I pitch a bad game, Joe [would say], 'Don't worry, forget about that.' "
NJ.com (Sports)
Ron Guidry
"The job I've seen him do with this team is probably the best job he [ever] did."
NJ.com (Sports)
Hmmm.... where's Jeter? Or Rivera? Or Posada? Mussina? Williams? All the veterans of the ball club have remained mysteriously quiet.
 The former New York mayor ( and huge Yankee fan) spoke out about Torre yesterday:
Rudy Giuliani
"I don't have any doubt that it is in the best interest of the Yankees to retain Joe Torre."
"You've got to look at a guy's whole record, and you have to look at the whole season, and you have to ask yourself, 'Would anyone have gotten the Yankees to the same place?"
   Reports are still floating around the country on the subject of Joe Torre's future. Some people insist he's on his way out, while others are quite sure that he'll stay with the Yankees for at least one more year.
Joe staying:
Read what you want. Believe what you want. My feeling is that Torre is gonna stay on as Yankee manager. Enough time has passed for Steinbrenner to cool down, maybe even think clearly.
Torre is holding a press conference today at 1PM, we'll learn his fate then.

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Sunday October, 01 2006.
Johnson Will Pitch Game 3 of ALDS
By mvyb, 16:13

Randy Johnson's bullpen session went successfully today as the lefty threw 41 pitches in front of Torre and the other Yankee coaches.

Joe Torre told the press, "We anticipate he'll be all right. We were certainly satisfied. Everything seemed very normal today. It doesn't mean that there's not certain stiffness or something, but it's not restrictive and that's the big part."

The Big Unit was rather moody, yet hopeful after the session, "Everybody else was probably more pleased than I was, so I guess that's a good thing."

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Saturday September, 30 2006.
Big Unit May Miss Postseason
By mvyb, 14:07

Randy Johnson may miss this postseason after tests revealed a herniated disc in the Unit's lower back.

Yankee GM, Brian Cashman said, "I can't guarantee he's going to be there for us, but I'm not counting him out, either. He wants to pitch, to be out there competing and trying to help us win. I hope he gets that opportunity, but his body has to tell him first."

Last week, Johnson informed the team of back spasms he felt over the past month.

How does this affect the Yankees postseason hopes? Well, I'm not the worried about the loss- it's not like we lost a Johann Santana.

Randy Johnson's '06 Numbers
Record 17-11
ERA 5.00
IP 205
Hits 194
HR Allowed 28
WHIP 1.24

Ok, so besides his 17-11 record, he was awful this year. He allowed WAY too many homers, hits, and runs to be considered a good pitcher. Then how did he get the 17-11 record? Run support. With run support, anyone can pick up a "W".
Jeff Karstens ( 4.00 ERA), Wright ( 4.39 ERA), and Lidle ( 4.83 ERA) have all pitched better then Johnson this year.
One more thing to look at:  Our #3 starter will be facing the other teams' #3 starter.
( MIN) Matt Garza: 3-5, 5.76 ERA
(MIN) Carlos Silva: 10-15, 6.07 ERA
(DET) Jeremy Bonderman: 4.00 ERA
(OAK) Joe Blanton: 14-8, 4.83 ERA
(OAK) Dan Haren: 14-13, 4.11 ERA
The Yankees will be trotting out one of the greatest post-season lineup ever. They'll be able to hit anyone- even Johann Santana, Barry Zito, and Kenny Rogers.
As long as Wright, Lidle, Karstens, and Rasner (?) pitch halfway decently, the Yanks should be fine.

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Friday September, 01 2006.
News from Around the Clubhouse
By mvyb, 10:32

 - After feeling discomfort on his right elbow, Mariano Rivera underwent an MRI Thursday morning. The test revealed a mild muscle strain, but no serious injury. Rivera went right back to work, closing out the final game against Detroit.  Read more here
- Kyle Farnsworth says his back is feeling better and that he is ready to pitch at any time. Read more here
- The Yankees are expected to call up Darrell Rasner to make a start against the Minnesota Twins Sunday afternoon. Rasner will be removed from the 60-day DL ( sore shoulder). Rasner has only made one start for the Yankees, six total appearances. Read more here
-Mike Mussina is expected to start against the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday. Mussina was placed on the 15-day DL two weeks ago due to a groin injury.
 - Jason Giambi took an MRI on his sore wrist yesterday, but the results have not yet been revealed. Giambi may miss another game or two.
- September's here! That means the rosters get expanded- Wil Nieves, Andy Phillips, Miguel Cairo, Jose Veras, TJ Beam, Koyie Hill, and Kevin Thompson are the most likely to get called up within the week.

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Monday August, 28 2006.
Pavano Suffers Two Broken Ribs after Car Accident
By mvyb, 20:24

Carl Pavano must be made of glass... or just REALLY, REALLY unlucky....
 Over the last two years, Pavano has suffered countless injuries to all parts of his body. Today, he revealed another one.
According to ESPN's Buster Olney, Carl Pavano was in a two-car accident several weeks ago. He didn't think it was important enough to report to the team- instead, he made three minor league starts with the broken ribs. After his latest outing, Pavano felt pain in his ribs, and decided to tell Brian Cashman about the injury.
"Of course I'm angry," said New York Yankees GM, Brian Cashman. He later told the media that the team would take no action against Pavano, and that he still hopes Pavano will pitch for New York in the majors this year.
Peter Abraham has more details on the situation.
I'm glad the Yanks wasted $40 million on this guy....

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Monday July, 31 2006.
Yankees Strengthen the Bench
By mvyb, 17:10

Hanging out in front of the TV all day watching Buster Olney, Steve Phillips, Karl Ravech, and the other ESPN reporters buzzing around with the news on trades and transactions throughout the majors is wicked awesome!
One day after signing Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle, the Yanks go out and strengthen their very weak bench ( Cairo, Green, and Crosby). Craig Wilson of the Pittsburgh Pirates came over in exchange for Yankee pitcher Shawn Chacon.
Wilson's numbers this year: 13 HRs, 41 RBI, 38 R, 68 H, .267 BA
Not bad for a bench player... He's a guy who could come in late in the game, and drive in a couple of runs. Great pick up for the Yanks!
Chacon's numbers this year: 5-3 record, 36 BB, 35 K, 7.00 ERA
I've been wanting the Yankees to get rid of him for some time now... Now that Cory Lidle is in town, Chacon can go away.
This was a great trade for the Yankees... Chacon has done nothing for new York this year ( after being so good last year), and has been just hanging around in the bullpen for weeks.

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Sunday July, 30 2006.
Abreu and Lidle to New York!
By mvyb, 21:49

This afternoon,  ESPN reported  that the "New York Yankees acquired All-Star right fielder Bobby Abreu and starting pitcher Cory Lidle from the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday" for 20-year-old minor-league shortstop C.J. Henry,  left-handed reliever Matt Smith, and  right-hander Carlos Monasterios.
Bobby Abreu*
Abreu will add another outfield bat to the Yankee lineup, and Lidle will help strengthen the starting rotation.
- Abreu will be another strong bat in the Yankee lineup, his on-base-percentage is among the top in the majors. He'll hit 20-30 homers, he'll steal 30 bases, and drive in 100+ runs a year. 
- Cory Lidle, although he's not an ace, is MUCH better then Chacon, Ponson, and Wright this year. He pitched well in Philadelphia ( which is NOT a pitcher's ballpark), and should pitch even better in New York. Now, once again, I'm not saying he's gonna be lights out, but he's gonna be good enough.
- This was a cheap deal. The Yanks got a good pitcher and a good outfielder for almost nothing ( as in players they traded away). Proctor, Cabrera, and Phillips are still our's.
- The Yanks didn't need Abreu!!! By the end of the year, they'll have eight outfielders- Matsui, Sheffield, Damon, Williams, Abreu, Crosby, Guiel, and Cabrera. In my opinion, he was a waste of money.
- Abreu hasn't homered in over 100 at-bats... he's been power slumping terribly.
- Why did the Yanks trade away Matt Smith? He had a lot of talent, and was just about ready for the majors! Now, we're gonna be stuck with TJ Beam for months...
Cory Lidle*
So, what is your opinion? Good trade or bad? How will the trade hurt or help the Yanks this season?

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