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Hey! My name is Zachary and this is my site, Yankee Mania, where I explore the games, players, and transactions of the greatest team in baseball. Hated by some but loved by others, the New York Yankees have dominated the world of sports for over a century. This year I follow their noble quest to win yet another World Series Championship. Click here to send me an email!

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Monday April, 23 2007.
How Good Has A-Rod Really Been?
By mvyb, 15:34

Pretty darn good...
Stats Number MLB Rank
 Home Run  12      1st
 RBI  31      1st
 Runs Scored  22     1st
 Total Bases  69     1st
 X-tra Base Hits  19     1st
 SLP  .986     1st
 OPS  1.418     1st

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Monday April, 09 2007.
Yanks Take on Sir Sidney in Minnesota
By mvyb, 15:13

Yes, yes.... Boof Bonsor is no longer tonight's scheduled starting pitcher for the Minnesota Twins. Instead, the Yanks will be meeting up with an old friend, Sidney Ponson. In case some of you don't know the history of the Yankees against Ponson, here are some stats:
Player BA 2B HR RBI BB
Derek Jeter .383 3 5 13 6
Alex Rodriguez .169 0 5 17 3
Johnny Damon .382 2 1 10 8
Jorge Posada .296 2 1 3 6
Jason Giambi .415 0 2 8 16
Bobby Abreu .333 3 2 6 4
Josh Phelps .357 0 1 4 0
Doug Mientkiewicz .273 0 0 1 7
Robinson Cano .500 0 2 2 0
That's just sick.... If the Yanks bring their gloves and if Pavano arrives safely, protected by bubblewrap, this should be a good game.

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Monday February, 05 2007.
Super Bowl Over, Time for Baseball
By mvyb, 11:28

Finally, attention will begin to turn away from football and back towards America's pasttime. I can't tell you how excited I am for our wonderful sport to return.

Major League Baseball is now officially back at the forefront of popular sports consciousness, now that the annual rite of passage has just occurred in the annual spectacle that is the Super Bowl. Manning, securing his legacy for keeps, led the Colts to a 29-17 victory over the Chicago Bears on Sunday in No. XLI. It meant the first major sports championship for the city of Indianapolis and the only franchise title since the former Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl V way back in January 1971.

And congrats to Peyton and the rest of the Indianapolis Colts on their Super Bowl victory! It was a very exciting game last night, and if you forgot to watch it, you really missed out.

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Thursday February, 01 2007.
Clemens Yearns for Postseason Play
By mvyb, 10:43

Roger Clemens addressed the media for a few minutes at the New York Athletic Club last night and stated that 2006 was basically a waste of time for him. His goal was and still is- October.

"I've got to tell you, you put your body through a lot of punishment and you come up one game short like we did last year, for me, it was a waste of time," Clemens said.

"When you don't have an opportunity to go to the playoffs and have a chance to win, it's a waste of time for me. At this stage and point in my life and career, that's all you're looking for. You want to have that feeling of being in the playoffs."

Clemens has stated that he would only pitch for one of three teams in 2007 -- the Astros, the Red Sox or the Yankees, all of whom have ties close to his heart.

So for the next six months, we'll all be scrambling for more news on the Rocket, feverishly anticipating his decision. And, of course, he'll continue to toy with us like he did last night. In the end, he'll go with the highest bidder (who will overpay insanely), make some highly-publicized minor league starts, and finally in late August make an appearance in the majors. He'll be on a five inning work-limit, and he'll walk off the mound with a tweaked hamstring every time he pitches. He'll make a grand total of four starts, picking up a maximum two wins.
But everyone still wants him on their ballclub.
If I were to make an educated guess here, I'd assume he'll go with the Yankees- more money, Andy Pettitte, a ton of friends from yesteryear (Jeter, Posada, Rivera), and the greatest chance at postseason glory.
But I think its time we ask ourselves, is he really worth all this? Do we need to go through all this hassle when we already have a pretty solid rotation and several young backup pitchers (Karstens, Rasner, Sanchez, and Hughes)?

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Wednesday January, 31 2007.
Yanks to Host 2008 All Star Game
By mvyb, 11:47

According to Major League Baseball, the House That Ruth Built will host the 2008 All Star game in the final year of its major league life. This will be only the second All Star game ever to be played in the Stadium, the last event coming in 1977.

Major League Baseball announced on Wednesday that the 2008 All-Star Game will be hosted by the Yankees at Yankee Stadium next July. The announcement was made in a press conference at City Hall attended by Commissioner Bud Selig, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Steve Swindal, a Yankees general partner sitting in for George Steinbrenner, the team's longtime principal owner.

"It is always a great honor for a team's home stadium to serve as host for the All-Star Game, and the Yankees are proud and delighted to have been selected for the honor in 2008," Steinbrenner, the team's owner since 1973, said in a statement. "It will be one of many historic moments in the 2008 season as we say goodbye to a great facility."

In my lifetime, I've never seen an All Star game played in Yankee Stadium, so I'm really looking forward to this. It'll be a very bitter-sweet way for many to say goodbye to the House That Ruth Built.

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Tuesday January, 30 2007.
Yanks Partner with China; Helton Will Not Be Traded to Boston
By mvyb, 14:39

After flying over two continents and an ocean, Yankee officials have reached a landmark agreement with the People's Republic of China.

The New York Yankees and the Chinese Baseball Association held a press conference today in Beijing, China to announce a landmark Memorandum of Understanding that for the first time formalizes a strategic alliance between a Major League Baseball Club and the Chinese Baseball Association.

The Agreement, subject to Major League Baseball’s rules, regulations and agreements pertaining to The People’s Republic of China, states that the Yankees will provide the CBA with guidance in training baseball players, which will include sending staff (coaches, player development, scouting and training personnel) to China to assist the CBA. The partnership will also allow the CBA to send staff to the Yankees’ facilities in the United States in furtherance of those goals.

Among the men working out this deal were NYY Team President Randy Levine,  General Manager Brian Cashman, Assistant General Manager Jean Afterman, and Michael Tusiani, Vice President of Corporate Sales and Sponsorship.
The results of this deal could be very beneficial for the Yankees, sometime down the road. New York will be able to grab China's top prospects and ship them straight to Florida and into pinstripes. For more on this story head over to the The Journal News.
Rockies chairman and CEO Charlie Monfort announced Monday night that talks with the Red Sox regarding a possible trade of first baseman Todd Helton had broken off. The club's two-paragraph statement said, "There will be no further discussions."

The fact the teams were talking went public during the weekend, but Monfort told MLB.com that "it seems like one percent of all deals get made." Immediately thereafter, media reports surfaced noting sticking points, such as the players the Rockies would receive from the Red Sox and the amount of the $90.1 million Helton is owed for the next five seasons that Colorado would pay.

So instead of heading to Boston, Helton is being counted on by the Rockies -- as he has been since breaking in late in the 1997 season -- as Spring Training approaches.

The Rockies and BoSox have a somewhat tense relationship, so I'm not really that surprised the deal fell through. But I am very happy Bronx pitchers won't have to face him this year...

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Wednesday January, 24 2007.
Nettles: A-Rod Needs to Step Up
By mvyb, 12:27

New York Yankee veterans agreed on Tuesday that the Bronx Bombers needed Alex Rodriguez to rise to the occasion in the postseason to help them return to World Series glory in 2007.
The 1977 Yankees were honored on the 30th anniversary of their World Series triumph along with current Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and Detroit Tigers' Sean Casey at the 18th annual B.A.T. (Baseball Assistance Team) dinner benefiting financially strapped former players.
"They got an All-Star at every position. They should do well," said Graig Nettles, a power-hitter and dazzling third baseman for the Yanks in the 1970s when they reached three World Series in a row and won back-to-back titles in 1977-78.

"A-Rod, he needs to get over that hump. He needs to have a good postseason," Nettles told Reuters.

"He puts up good numbers during the season. If he just continues that during the postseason I think the fans in New York would embrace him and love him."

Jim Leyritz, a hero of the 1996 Yankees World Series triumph over the Atlanta Braves  said theories about A-Rod suffering from lack of support in the clubhouse were unfounded.

"Hopefully the things with A-Rod last year will take care of themselves," he said.

"A-Rod has to make the adjustment himself to get used to playing in New York City."

A-Rod has heard this "advice" for about three years now, and nothing has drastically changed when it comes to his postseason play. Of course, I hope he'll be able to perform at a higher level this postseason, but I'm beginning to think that Rodriguez never will. I mean, maybe this is just who he, as a player, is. Maybe he's a guy who can (obviously) pound the ball and drive in runs when he isn't under too much stress. But when it comes to the postseason, maybe Alex just doesn't have the stamina that guys like Jeter have.
If this really is the case, perhaps it's time for other players, like Hideki Matsui ( .250 BA in 2006 postseason), Jason Giambi ( .125 BA in 2006 postseason), Robinson Cano ( .133 BA in 2006 postseason), and Johnny Damon ( .235 BA in 2006 postseason) to really step up in October. Maybe Yankee fans would be smarter if they shifted focus and attention to the players around Rodriguez. Not only would this take stress off A-Rod (allowing him to play better), but it might also motivate his teammates to step up when the games really mattered.

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Tuesday January, 23 2007.
Cano Sheds Number in Hopes of Clemens' Return
By mvyb, 13:09

If Roger Clemens returns to the Yankees later this year, his old uniform will be waiting for him.

All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano has volunteered to give up his No. 22 for this season, according to a Yankees official, likely anticipating the possibility that Clemens will arrive in the Bronx to reclaim it at some point.

"I was happy to give up the number to a future Hall of Famer if he comes aboard," Cano said in a statement printed Tuesday in the New York Post. "Hopefully, he will be one of my teammates; I'll have the pleasure of playing with him."

So, the Yankees seem to be very eager to get the Rocket back in pinstripes, which means we'll probably see contract talks in the upcoming month. The Astros and Red Sox will be the other teams trying to coax the future Hall of Famer on to their team.

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Thursday January, 18 2007.
Will Bernie Return?
By mvyb, 10:14

The Yankees haven't made a final decision regarding Bernie Williams, a source told The Post yesterday afternoon. But that doesn't mean Williams will be back since there is little room for him on the 2007 roster as it currently stands.

Williams' agent, Scott Boras, did not return phone calls yesterday, and GM Brian Cashman is on vacation this week. However, the source believed Cashman was still having dialogue with Boras and the Yankee GM may have even spoken with the 38-year-old Williams directly at some point this winter.

In September, Williams told SI.com he might retire to pursue a music career.

You really wonder where Bernie's spot on this team is, especially now that the Yankees have Melky Cabrera as the fourth outfielder. I have the utmost respect for Bernie Williams (he was one of my favorite players in the 90's empire), and I rooted whole-heartedly for his coming back to play in the Bronx last offseason. But with the growing talent of Cabrera, I don't really see a place for Williams on this team.
We know he wants to pursue music, and I say go for it. He will always be remembered and reverenced as the Yankee star he once was, but he shouldn't, in my opinion, push his career any farther.

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Wednesday January, 17 2007.
Yanks Agree to One-Year Deal with Vizcaino
By mvyb, 10:03

The New York Yankees agreed to terms on a one-year contract with right-handed pitcher Luis Vizcaino on Tuesday, avoiding salary arbitration.

Vizcaino, 32, will earn $3 million in 2007, according to the Associated Press.

Vizcaino was acquired on Jan. 9 from the Arizona Diamondbacks in the Randy Johnson trade. He has been projected as a major part of the Yankees' 2007 bullpen setup, slotting anywhere from the sixth to the eighth inning.

Vizcaino is a decent middle-relief pitcher, who does a good job retiring batters from both sides of the plate. He has a good strikeout pitch (72 K's in 65 inn last year), but he will get burned by the occasional long ball. So unless he really shines in New York, I can't see him as anything but a 5th-6th inning guy.
And of course, as the YesNetwork blog points out, we could see Torre blow his arm off like the skipper did last year with Proctor:
Luis Vizcaino, throws hard, gets the strikeouts, and, as we discussed yesterday, gets burned on the home run quite frequently. It's not an Arizona park effect, it's not a Milwaukee park effect, it's just who he is. I can foresee a couple of outcomes for Vizcaino, including a repeat of 2003's Juan Acevedo story in which he gets a few save opportunities, blows a couple in dramatic fashion, and is put on the first train out of town. Alternatively, he could also pitch quite well in April. Joe Torre will fall in love with him, using him 26 times in 30 days, and fail to notice as fatigue and overexposure slowly destroy him. By June the Yankees will be wondering what's wrong with him, and by July they'll be trying J.B. Cox in his spot.
The good news is: if Torre tries to blow Vizcaino's arm off, he won't have as much opportunity to kill poor Scott. Vizcaino might have to be the hero here- take some blows for the greater good.

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Saturday January, 13 2007.
Yanks Invite 21 Non-Roster Players to Spring Training
By mvyb, 14:59

Philip Hughes is just one of many players to keep an eye on during Spring Training this March. Hughes, the Yankee top prospect, was 10-3 with a crisp 2.25 ERA in 116 innings of work in Double-A Trenton last season. The right-handed starter may see some time in the Bronx rotation during the regular season (especially if Carl Pavano and Kei Igawa fail to throw the ball effectively).
Other pitchers invited to spring training include: Steve Jackson and Ross Ohlendorf  (acquired from the D'Backs), Kevin Whelan (came over in the Sheffield trade), Tyler Clippard, Steven White, and Ben Kozlowski.
And since Cashman decided not to go after a backup catcher, the Yanks will be closely watching the six non-roster catchers who were invited. Raul Chavez, Ben Davis,  Todd Pratt, Francisco Cervelli, P.J. Pilittere and Omir Santos will all be competing for the position that Wil Nieves is assumed to be holding.
Andy Cannizaro, who hit his first major league homer last year against the D'Rays, will be one of five infielders to play to arrive at camp. The others are Angel Chavez, Eric Duncan (not much heard about him lately), Ramiro Pena and Marcos Vechionacci. Only two outfielders were invited: leadoff-hitter Brett Gardner (who stole 58 bases last year) and Jose Tabata (second-best prospect in the Yankee farm system).

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Friday January, 12 2007.
Yankees Very Interested in Clemens
By mvyb, 11:45

Now that they have Andy Pettitte, the New York Yankees want Roger Clemens, too.
"He's kind of like your perfect employee," general manager Brian Cashman said Thursday after welcoming Andy Pettitte back to Yankee Stadium.
"If Roger is interested in coming to New York, I'd love to talk to him," Cashman said. "He came in here and not only delivered a huge performance on the field but had a major impact within the clubhouse."
Pettitte has played golf with Clemens in recent weeks. He wouldn't say exactly what his buddy told him, but he dropped a few hints.
"After speaking with him, it sounds like that he probably wants to try to pitch. It's amazing to me that he still wants to pitch, but he does," Pettitte said, laughing. "He's like he's 20. So he's just got an unbelievable amount of energy."
Andy Pettitte, Chien-Ming Wang, Roger Clemens, and Mike Mussina all in the same rotation? How sweet would that be???

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Monday January, 08 2007.
Cairo Back for '07
By mvyb, 11:39

The Yankees continue to fill their remaining needs for the 2007 season, coming together with infielder Miguel Cairo on the preliminary terms of a one-year contract.

The deal will reportedly be worth $750,000 and has not been officially announced by the team.

Cairo, 32, fits the bill, having played five different positions for the Yankees in 2006, including all four infield positions. He batted .239 with no home runs, 30 RBIs and 13 stolen bases in 81 games last season, returning to the Bronx after a one-year detour to the Mets in 2005.

Personally, I'm a fan of Cairo, so I'm glad to hear he'll be back with the Bombers for at least one more year. I think it was his game-tying hit (with two outs) in the thirteenth inning on July 1, 2004 (against the BoSox) that earned him my allegiance. We all remember that game- Jeter's dive into the stand, A-Rod's brilliant double play (5-2-5), and of course, Flaherty's hit into the left field corner to win the game. Cairo's double (and his triple in the eleventh) were unfairly hidden by the other highlights of the night. But I haven't forgotten...
Cairo is always a tough out (he very rarely strikes out) and is a decent fielder (one who can play short, second, or first).

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Friday January, 05 2007.
Yanks Dump Unit (Finally)
By mvyb, 19:44

Remember our excitement two years ago when the Yankees made a blockbuster trade for Randy Johnson? It was all over ESPN and the internet blogging world.  It even made the front page of my local newspaper here in the Garden State. Yankee fans rejoiced and the players themselves could almost feel a new ring on their finger.
And where did all our hopes and dreams go? Down the drain...
So this news, which would have depressed us two years ago, actually brings us happiness and hope for next season.
According to details, the Yanks have shipped the Big Unit to Arizona in return for middle reliever, Luis Vizcaino and minor leaguers- (P) Ross Ohlendorf, (P)Steven Jackson, and (SS) Alberto Gonzalez. The way I see it, New York got rid of an aging, inconsistent starter and came away with several new young players. Definitely a great move.
First of all, the Yankees have plenty of pitchers capable of starting in Johnson's place- Kei Igawa, Darrel Rasner, Jeff Karstens, Humberto Sanchez, Phil Hughes (and possibly Roger Clemens). And secondly, the Yankees need a reliever, not only to boost the 'pen but also to alleviate Scott Proctor's tremendous workload.
I want to take a quick look at the players who came over to New York in this trade: Luis Vizcaino is a decent, right-handed reliever who pitched in 70 games last year. He struck out 72 batters while walking only 29, and allowed 51 hits in 65 innings of work. Alberto Gonzalez (23) was one of the best players in the Southern League last year, batting .290 and playing an above-average defense. Ross Ohlendorf, a former fourth round pick out of Princeton, had a solid season in '06. Steve Jackson (24) held a 2.65 ERA (second best in the Arizona Fall League) and held opponents to a .239 batting average. For more on these players, visit The Journal News.
The Yanks have done very well this offseason, in my opinion. They've dumped the two biggest thorns in the clubhouse (Gary Sheffield and RJ) and stockpiled their once depleted minor league system with future stars. Last year, the Yanks had all the parts to win the Series, but were lacking determination, guts, and team chemistry. With Sheffield and Johnson gone, and Pettitte back in pinstripes, the Yanks are just about ready to take on 2007.

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Saturday December, 09 2006.
Eight Good Things Pettitte Brings to the Yankees
By mvyb, 18:24

In this morning's New York Post article, Joel Sherman discussed the eight benefits the Yankees now have with Andy Pettitte on their team.

1. Under the best-case scenario, the Yanks would have the veteran quintet of Pettitte, Mike Mussina, Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano and Chien-Ming Wang starting and import Kei Igawa either in the bullpen or at Columbus. But how often does the best case play out? Johnson and Pavano are coming back from significant injuries. Pettitte's presence enables each to rehab without pressure that they must be ready to start the season.

2. The stress is lessened around Igawa. If he needs to be in the minors for an adjustment period, so be it.

3. Scott Proctor can stay in the pen, where he proved so valuable, rather than being forced into the rotation.

4. The team's prospects get more than a great role model to see in spring training. Pettitte's arrival also means the Yanks can keep all of their prospects, notably Phil Hughes, in the minors to begin the season to continue their education. No one has to be rushed now. This also provides a stockpile of options for when the inevitable injuries occur. Between Double-A and Triple-A, the Yanks should have Hughes, Humberto Sanchez, Tyler Clippard, Jeff Karstens, Darrell Rasner and Steven White vying to be summoned. It is the best Yankees depth in a while.

5. With Pettitte enabling the organization to have greater minor-league depth, the Yanks are in better position to use the depth to make a trade now for, say, a first baseman, or in spring training, or in the June/July trade market when a need arises.

6. Now if Pavano really does come to camp in shape and pitching well, the Yanks might be able to trade his whole contract. He has two years at $23 million left and, in this runaway market, that might be viewed as a worthwhile gamble for a club desperate for a starter.

7. The market must be factored into all of this. The Yanks needed to add a proven starter. Does Pettitte come with risk? You bet. He has a touchy elbow and he is returning from the NL to the AL. But the whole landscape is filled with risk. And at two years and $32 million, Pettitte is a better risk than Ted Lilly at four years ($40 million), Gil Meche at five years ($55 million) and Barry Zito at what probably will be six years (near $100 million). Pettitte could turn out to be a mistake, but it goes away in two years, maximum.

8. Pettitte's arrival also might serve as inducement to bring Roger Clemens back to The Bronx. Pettitte's departure from Houston severely dampens the chance the Rocket goes back to the Astros should he again, as expected, decide to play. The Red Sox appear the favorite because Clemens was trying to get back there in July last year for all the marketing and nostalgic reasons associated with going full-circle with Boston. But the Yanks, should they decide they even want Clemens, are now better positioned to get him because his pal, Pettitte, has done his own full circle.


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