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Hey! My name is Zachary and this is my site, Yankee Mania, where I explore the games, players, and transactions of the greatest team in baseball. Hated by some but loved by others, the New York Yankees have dominated the world of sports for over a century. This year I follow their noble quest to win yet another World Series Championship. Click here to send me an email!

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Monday March, 24 2008.
Yankees 2008 Roster
By mvyb, 14:10

It'll soon be time for Mr. Girardi to make a decision regarding his 25-man roster. He'll probably announce the roster on Saturday, giving us only two days to worry, doubt, and question his choices before the regular season opens. Here's how I'd layout the Opening Day roster:
First check out the current 40-Man Roster and, of course, the Non-Roster Invitees.
Here's a list of players certain to be on the Opening Day roster:
Joba Chamberlain, Kyle Farnsworth, LaTroy Hawkins, Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Mike Mussina, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Chien-Ming Wang, Jose Molina, Jorge Posada, Wilson Betemit, Robinson Cano, Shelley Duncan, Derek Jeter, Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez, Bobby Abreu, Hideki Matsui, Johnny Damon, and Melky Cabrera.
That's 21 players in, and 4 spots open.
Available spots:
Backup Infielder/ Bench
The battle for utility player "rages" between Nick Green, Chris Woodward, and Morgan Ensberg. Green is a drifter who has played for Atlanta, Tampa Bay, New York (remember his home run against the Mets on July 2, 2006?), and Seattle. His career stats are borderline embarrassing, even for a utility guy. Woodward has also drifted around from team to team, playing for the Blue Jays, Braves, and Mets over the last 8 years. He hit a whopping 13 home runs backing 2002, but hasn't really swung the bat well since leaving Toronto. Morgan Ensberg has had the most impressive career of all three of our candidates. He hit 25 home runs in 2003, 36 home runs in 2005, and 23 home runs in 2006. His highest career batting average is .291 (back in 2003), but he only hit .224 and drove in a pitiful 4 home runs last year. The Yankees picked up Ensberg during the offseason and hitting coach Dave Eiland has helped Ensberg reform his swing. Ensberg is healthy and has been hitting beautifully in spring training so far this year (.318 BA). The Yankees have already placed Ensberg on the 40-man roster, an almost sure sign that he has made the team. And, yes, he's my choice too.
Winner: Morgan Ensberg
Lefty Reliever
I am of the firm belief that every successful team should have at least one lefty reliever. I hope Girardi agrees with me. Unfortunately, the Yankees have slim pickings when it comes to a lefty reliever, here are the nominees: Kei Igawa, Billy Traber, and Heath Phillips. I'd love to tell you Igawa has miraculously repaired his mechanics and is pitching beautifully, and that the Yankees did not waste their 30+ million dollars. But that would be a lie. I thought I had seen the worst of Igawa in 2007, but here in Spring Training, he's outdone himself. Igawa started the spring by giving up a grand slam to some unknown college player and then, in his second outing, walked the bases loaded. Since then, he's been giving away runs faster then I can count them! Billy Traber, meanwhile, has come out of nowhere and out pitched the two leading candidates for the job. Traber (former Indian and National) has a gorgeous 0.00 and has struck out a boatload of lefties. Heath Phillips is probably the most talented of the three pitchers in this contest, but has looked awful this spring. Not only has he given up a ton of hits (and has a bloated ERA), but he has also been ineffective against lefties. Now, what's the good of a lefty reliever is he can't get lefties out? Remember Mike Myers?
Winner: Billy Traber
Long Man/ Spot Starter
Yet another exciting battle between Yankee players, lies in the race for the long man position. The competitors are: Heath Phillips, Kei Igawa, Darrell Rasner, and Jeff Karstens. The first two I ruled out earlier. One's not ready for the majors yet, the other will never be. So the battle has been whittled down to Rasner v. Karstens. Jeff Karstens is 1-3 this spring with a 9.64 ERA. Opponents bat a whopping .452 against him, and he's only struck out 5 men. Darrell Rasner, meanwhile, is 1-0 with a 5.63 ERA (and a 2-1, strikout to walk ratio). Hmmm... Neither has been very good, so let's check out some career stats. Karstens made his major league debut in 2006 with the Yankees and since then has made 9 starts. He's 3-5 with a 5.65 ERA. I still remember his contribution to the '06 season (stepping up and pitching well, saving the team from utter collapse), so I'd like to see him on the team. Darrell Rasner made his major league debut in 2005 for Washington and was traded to the Yankees in 2006. He's made 10 career starts and is 4-5 with a 5.13 ERA. The numbers slightly point to Rasner, but for some reason I'd prefer Karstens on the team. Maybe it's his '06 starts or the fact that the Red Sox broke his leg, but I like Karstens. He's actually got decent stuff and is a bit more dominant then Rasner is. I think if he stays healthy, he'll be able to contribute this year.
Winner: Jeff Karstens
Righty Reliever/ Final Spot in the Bullpen
This final spot is the most tightly contested spot on the Yankees roster. Meet the candidates: Brian Bruney, Chris Britton, Ross Ohlendorf, and Scott Patterson. Here we go. Brian Bruney is a big (and I mean BIG) righty hurler that often has trouble finding the strike zone. Bruney made his major league debut in 2004 for Arizona, and came over to New York in 2006. His career numbers aren't pretty: 8-10, 4.93 ERA, 114 BB, and 149 K. That's waaaay too many walks. If Girardi likes seeing strikes, he won't like seeing Bruney on the mound. Chris Britton pitched for the Orioles in 2006 and the Yankees in 2007. His career numbers are decent: 0-3, 3.39 ERA, 21 BB, and 46 K. Ross Ohlendorf pitched in 6 games in Spetmember for the Yankees. In those 6 games, he pitched 6.1 innings and had a 2.84 ERA with 9 strikouts and only 2 walks. Very nice. Scott Patterson is a 29-year old righty with a career minor league record of 32-13 with a 3.08 ERA. He's the oldest of our nominations, but also the only one without major league experience. The career numbers really don't tell us enough, so let's check out their spring stats. Bruney has pitched in 7 games and holds a 2.84 ERA with 8 K's and 2 BB's. He's come into camp in great shape (lost a lot of weight), is throwing hard (97-100 mph), and is throwing strikes. Chris Britton has pitched 5 games and has a beautiful ERA of 1.80 with 3 K's and 0 BB's. Ross Ohlendorf is 1-0 with a 2.35 ERA. He has struck out 8 while walking only 1! And finally, Scott Patterson has 1 save, a 0.00 ERA, 6 strikouts, and 0 walks. Wow, each player has performed very well this spring. This is gonna be a very, very difficult choice for Girardi. Scott Patterson has been the most dominant of all the candidates, but he's only pitched 6 innings and has no major league experience. Ok, time to make a decision. He's thrown 80% of his pitches for strikes, has really good stuff, and may finally give us something in return for Gary Sheffield.
Winner: Ross Ohlendorf
Ok, here's my 2008 Opening Day 25-Man Roster.
C- Jorge Posada
1B- Shelley Duncan
2B- Robinson Cano
3B- Alex Rodriguez
SS- Derek Jeter
OF- Hideki Matsui
OF- Bobby Abreu
OF- Johnny Damon
DH- Jason Giambi
U- Wilson Betemit
U- Morgan Ensberg
C- Jose Molina
OF- Melky Cabrera
RHP- Chien-Ming Wang
LHP- Andy Pettitte
RHP- Phil Hughes
RHP- Mike Mussina
RHP- Ian Kennedy
RHP- Mariano Rivera
RHP- Kyle Farnsworth
RHP- Joba Chamberlain
RHP- LaTroy Hawkins
LHP- Billy Traber
RHP- Jeff Karstens
RHP- Ross Ohlendorf
Alright, what do you think?

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Saturday March, 22 2008.
Been Gone
By mvyb, 11:01

I love baseball. I really do. And I love blogging. But last year I embarked on a year-long hiatus from my blogging life. I got a new job and I entered college, and, so for a while, I didn't have anytime to blog about my beloved team. I missed blogging, but I didn't have enough time to cover the Yankees faithfully. I never could work up enough courage to resume blogging, until now.
It's a new year and a new exciting season. The Yankees look great with their pitching phenom-trio of Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, and Ian Kennedy. The New York offense, led by the three-time MVP Alex Rodriguez, will be as potent as ever. Our bullpen, while as shaky as it always is, will be guided by the pitching god that is Mariano Rivera. Our rotation will include most of the youngsters previously mentioned along with Andy Pettitte, Mike Mussina, and my personal favorite, Chien-Ming Wang.
I'm going to take up my hand once again, and try to maintain this blog throughout the season. It'll be a challenge and an adventure at the same time for me! Hopefully, there are still a few people out there who'll stop by and take a look at my site. Go Yankees!

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Friday April, 20 2007.
Time to Vote!
By mvyb, 12:10

The ballot for the 2007 MLB All-Star game came out yesterday (a few moments before A-Rod's homer), so head over and vote for the Yankee players... err.... I mean, the most deserving and talented players from each position.

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Wednesday April, 11 2007.
Goin' For the Sweep
By mvyb, 16:58

Tonight the Yanks go for the sweep in Minnesota, and the only man standing in their way is Ramon Ortiz. Let's see how well Ortiz has stood up to the Yankees in the past.
Player BA 2B HR RBI BB
Bobby Abreu 1.000 0 1 2 1
Robinson Cano 1.000 1 0 0 1
Johnny Damon .241 3 1 4 1
Jason Giambi .286 3 1 4 4
Derek Jeter .417 2 0 4 5
Jorge Posada .348 0 1 1 2
Josh Pehlps .273 0 3 0 0
Alex Rodriguez .333 0 8 13 11
This could be another great game for Alex... or perhaps, Ramon will find new luck in Minesota.

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Monday January, 22 2007.
Super Bowl XLI: Colts v. Bears
By mvyb, 10:43

With the baseball offseason being particularly boring, a baseball fan has no choice but to turn to football for a few months. Now, I'm not a big football junkie, but last night's Patriots v. Colts was a tremendous game.
With the Colts down 21-3, I thought their cause was lost and the Patriots were back in the Super Bowl for the millionth time this decade. But no... Peyton Manning and his crew had other plans, as they scored 18 unopposed points to tie the game. Then (after falling behind again), they landed the game-winning touchdown with only 54 seconds on the clock.
Manning, the Alex Rodriguez of football, will now be able to silence his critics once and for all with a win in the Bowl. And maybe this is a sign of things to come this year... Heck, if Manning can win the Super Bowl, why can't A-Rod lead the Yanks to a World Series title?

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Friday January, 19 2007.
MLB 06: The Show
By mvyb, 13:09

Why, with Yankee GM, Brian Cashman, on vacation, you shouldn't be too surprised that nothing is happening up in the Bronx headquarters. Rumors, speculations, yada, yada, yada... Nothing is going on, nor will go on till Cashman returns. So, I'm thinking to myself this morning, "what can I possibly talk about today?" And then I glanced over at my beautiful Playstation 2, and my brand new MLB 06: The Show...and thought, "well, I might as well give it a shot."
MLB 06: The Show came out on February 28th of last year, but I actually didn't get it until Christmas. But anyway, to the review...
The game comes with several cool modes of play, some which we've never seen before in a video game:
Rivalry Mode:
Which lets you play mutli-game rivalries between several players. You just need to go to MLB 06 The Show online, and register.
King of the Diamond:
Pitchers v. batters in the ultimate showdown. Whoever garners the most points in the set time, is the winner.
Career Mode:
This is my favorite game mode. You can customize your player (height, build, hair color, eye color, name, age, speed, power, fielding ability, etc...) and begin his career. You start off in the minor leagues, and after playing 60 games you can ask your coaches for a promotion. Pretty soon you'll see your player in the lineup of your favorite major league team. How cool is that? There's a ton of stuff to do here, from signing contracts to asking to be traded.
Franchise Mode:
You run the ballclub. Everything.  Promotional nights, to vending machines, to player transactions, team transportation, and rehab facilities.
Season Mode:
 In this mode you can play, manage, or simulate your ballclub's season. (In the Yankee season) You start off with the season opener in Oakland, and can play such memorable series as the five-game series in Boston and several huge subway series against the Mets. If you win your division, you'll be headed for the playoffs!
Home Run Derby:
Create a lineup of powerful sluggers, and swing away.
MLB 06: The Show has tremendous graphics and detailed designs. For instance, we see the familiar giant red and yellow sign (W.B. Mason in the real world) on the right field wall of Yankee Stadium, we see the giant monster in Fenway Park, we have ivy in Wrigley Field, and a giant scoreboard in left-field stands of Detroit. The players are brilliant, each one looking like the player he's supposed to be. Matsui holds the bat off his shoulder, Jeter taps the plate with his bat, Bernie squats over, Sheffield wags his bat, A-Rod hits into double plays, and Kelly Stinnet still can't hit a thing. The commentators are frighteningly realistic, although eventually they do get a bit repetitive, "If there's one guy in this lineup you don't want to mess around with, this guy's the one."
You have a ton of control over the gameplay (especially in Career Mode). As the hometeam (let's say the Yankees), your guys take the field first. You become the pitcher and get to set the target (with the directional controls) and the speed of your pitch. As soon as the ball is put into play, you becoming the closest fielder. If you are the shortstop, you must guide Jeter to the ball, field it, and fire to the appropriate base. ( I had a bit of difficulty with this. I ended up throwing home a lot even though the runner was headed to first.) If you're an outfielder, you need to get over to the ball, catch it, and, if necessary, throw to the appropriate base. Your turn to bat. Damon leads off, and you can either hit, attempt to walk, or lay down a bunt. It's intensely difficult to hit a homer as the non-power hitters (like Damon, Williams, Abreu, and even Posada), but as Giambi or A-Rod, you'll end up homering at least once a game.
Strategy is big part of this game, and crucial to victory. As the player or manager you can execute hit-and-runs, sacrifice squeezes, stealing home, intentional walking, picking off base-runners, and taking trips to the mound. If you get careless as the pitcher, you'll end up releasing a wild pitch or even hitting the batter (which I might do on purpose if I'm playing a certain team from Beantown).
I can only think of a few things to complain about, and seeing that it wouldn't be a legitimate review with out some negativity, I'll name the problems I had with the game. First of all, no matter how many times you hit a batter or batters on a team, there will never be a brawl. :) I experimented one day, and hit 50 consecutive Red Sox batters. Oh, the commentators griped and the Red Sox players aimed their bats at my head when they took first base, but there was no brawl or ejection. In fact, you can't ever purposely get yourself ejected (some players do get ejected during cinimaxes). Another thing- way too many wild pitches. Oh, and bullpen usage stinks. When you play the game, Torre sends out the new pitchers. Like in real life (well, sometimes), he makes terrible choices. (Myers for the ninth, Small for the fifth, Farnsworth for the seventh, and no Proctor usage except in blowouts).
But other then these minor things, I really enjoy MLB 06:The Show. It's everything a baseball fan could want in a game- pitching, fielding, hitting, managing, business transactions, etc... Game-winning home runs are thrilling, and defensive-blunders are irritating, just like in real life.  And that's the word that describes this game best: "real". If you like baseball, you'll love MLB 06: The Show.
Rating: 9.5/10

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Wednesday January, 17 2007.
New Blog Header
By mvyb, 15:07

So, what do you think of the new blog header? It took me several months to figure how to install a new header in Beeplog's intensely confusing blog template, but once I did, it took me no time to design a header using the only photo program I have (EZ Photo- that's right, nothing fancy).
The photo is NYC at night (the picture was actually taken during the skylight tribute to 9/11) with the white-blueish blog title pasted on. Not too bad, I hope.
Well, at least it isn't as bad as it was before...

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Tuesday January, 16 2007.
Mets Sign Contract with Former Yankee, Sierra
By mvyb, 12:58

Rubén Sierra is batting in the ninth inning of a game against Texas, the last game before the All-Star Game last July. Minnesota is down by three runs with a runner on second base, two out and Joe Mauer on deck. Ignoring a take sign, Sierra swings at what might be ball four and misses, then strikes out for the final out.

How can you not like a guy like this?

The Twins released Sierra the day after that game, and the Mets wanted to sign him to a minor league contract last August with the understanding that they would recall him in September when rosters expanded. But Sierra’s mother had had a series of medical problems and he opted to take care of her instead of playing.

The Mets continue to believe in Sierra’s goodness and are in the process of negotiating that minor league contract with him.

“We haven’t finalized anything yet, but that’s probably what will happen,” Sierra’s agent, Chuck Berry, said yesterday.

The Mets have no immediate plans for Sierra, a 41-year-old outfielder, to make the major league team out of spring training, but he will be in their system if the need arises for a veteran hitter. In the meantime, he will be able to help the Mets’ young players.

“With the Yankees, he was known as something of a mentor working with younger kids and it was the same way in Texas,” Berry said. “People in those organizations appreciate how he has taken to helping kids.”

This is a really good article on Sierra and his interesting career. I liked Sierra when he was with the Bombers (memories of his big 2004 homers on July 24 against the BoSox, July 22 against Toronto, August 28 against the Jays, and August 13 versus the M's come to mind).
The only reason I'm blogging about this, is that he was a former Yankee, and there isn't really anything else to talk about. All quiet on the western front.

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Friday December, 08 2006.
GMs Discuss Red Sox' Misconduct
By mvyb, 12:42

Heads up by Peter's Red Sox Forever on this one.   *evil smile*

The Boston Red Sox might think of the Yankees as the Evil Empire, but other people in baseball now seem to view the Red Sox as a team that feels it can operate outside the rules.

According to executives of several clubs, the Red Sox were a hot topic of private conversation at the general managers’ meeting last month and at the winter meetings this week. Several officials who work for Major League Baseball said there appeared to be good reason for the talk. Many of those interviewed did not want to be quoted by name because of what they viewed as the sensitivity of talking critically about another team’s conduct.

Exhibit A for the disgruntled is Boston’s signing of J. D. Drew, who walked away from the final three years of his contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, a move that his agent, Scott Boras, said was aboveboard and precipitated by the marketplace. The signing of Drew could lead to an investigation by the commissioner’s office into possible tampering by the Red Sox; one baseball official said the commissioner’s office would vigorously investigate the matter if it received a complaint, but added that no complaint has been forthcoming.

One general manager said that many people at the general managers’ meeting, after hearing that Drew would sign with Boston, urged the Dodgers to file a tampering charge.

“We haven’t reached a decision yet,” Ned Colletti, the Dodgers’ general manager, said by telephone yesterday before leaving the winter meetings in Orlando, Fla.

Others described Colletti as angry about the Drew development and said that relations between Colletti and Theo Epstein, Boston’s general manager, had become strained to the point where Colletti wasn’t returning Epstein’s telephone calls.

Epstein denied tampering with Drew, whom he tried unsuccessfully to sign two years ago and then signed earlier this week to a five-year, $70 million contract.

“That’s not true,” Epstein said by telephone yesterday. “There’s nothing to that.”

...An executive of one club said the Dodgers’ owner, Frank McCourt, was certain tampering had occurred. McCourt’s office said he was traveling yesterday and was not available to comment....

Even closer to the opt-out deadline, several days before it, Drew told Rich Donnelly, the Dodgers’ third-base coach, how much he was looking forward to the 2007 season and talked about what the Dodgers needed to do for the season, saying he couldn’t wait for it to arrive, according to a baseball executive.

A few days later he left the Dodgers, walking away from a guaranteed $33 million.

This is a really interesting article by the New York Time's Murray Chass. There is definitely something fishy going on, but it could be nothing more then JD Drew becoming greedy. Or... it could actually be tampering by the BoSox who have been accused of doing such things in the past (remember the Millar incident four years ago.)
I think the commissioner should look into this and find out what really happened....

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Monday December, 04 2006.
Tanyon Sturze Has Moved On
By mvyb, 10:22

Hopefully, he find luck with his new team, the Atlanta Braves. If he recovers well from his surgery, he might be able to regain his former '05, mid-season glory, but otherwise, I have to say, I'm glad he's not gonna be wearing pinstripes next year.
Still waiting for something exciting to happen concerning the Yanks. The winter meetings are finally beginning, so we may see some big deals soon. If anything happens, you can learn about it here.

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Sunday November, 19 2006.
Soriano to Cubs
By mvyb, 18:03

Nothing much going on in Yankeedom, but hopefully things will get more exciting during the upcoming GM meetings...
Looks like Soriano is headed to the Cubs with an 8-year, $135 million contract. Ramirez, Lee, Soriano all in Chicago's lineup.... pretty scary.

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Thursday November, 16 2006.
Secret to Derek Jeter's Success
By mvyb, 10:56

Many people have wondered how Derek Jeter became such an incredible baseball player and how he keeps his skills at such a high level. 
Now, we may know...
This is a video done by Derek Jeter back in October at the ESPY awards.

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Friday November, 03 2006.
Rivera: Rodriguez has "done a good job"
By mvyb, 11:43

"They didn't give the guy a break. New York, the town," Rivera said of Alex Rodriguez. "He's done a good job. If you ask me who has hit in the playoffs, I am going to say two or three guys. Alex is one guy, he is not the team. You can't win with that on one guy. A team is 25 guys."

"It's not up to me whether he is here or not or whether the Yankees want him here or not," Rivera said. "He wanted to be a part of the team, part of a winning team. He's done everything. He works so hard, it's amazing."

I have nothing really to add here... Even though Rivera is absolutely right, New York fans will continued to run down Alex Rodriguez.
It's hip.

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Thursday November, 02 2006.
Keeping an Eye on Daisuke Matsuzaka
By mvyb, 12:17

It appears that Seattle has given up on Matsuzaka, leaving the door wide open for the Yankees. The Mariners pulled out of the posting process ( for the right to bid on Matsuzaka) because the asking price is expected to be $25-$30 million dollars. Of course this shouldn't stop the Yankees who are on a hunt for top starting pitchers to mend their rotation.
Over the past years it has become more and more apparant that solid pitching wins championships. The chamionship Yankees of 1998-2000 had remarkably good starting pitching ( David Wells, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettite, David Cone, etc...) But New York ( 2004-2006) has found itself in a terrible train of thought- "load our lineup with All Star sluggers, hope that they beat the tar out of every other team." This strategy works during the regular season, but the postseason is a different thing.
Pitching wins championships.

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Monday October, 30 2006.
Top 30 Free Agent Starting Pitchers
By mvyb, 13:42

The Yankee front office needs to bring in two, or maybe even three, new starting pitchers this off-season. Chien-Ming Wang will make a decent #3 starter next year, and Randy Johnson will be New York's #5 starter. But with the death of Cory Lidle, the free agency of Mike Mussina, and the disappointment that is Jaret Wright- the Yankees have some work to do.
1. Daisuke Matsuzaka
Current Team: Seibu Lions (Japan)
2006 Numbers: 17-5, 2.13 ERA, 186.2 IP, 200 K
Scouting Report:  Matsuzaka has a nice fastball ( 90-96 mph) with good late movement, along with a decent splitter, changeup, and slider. His ERA has been under 3.00 for four consecutive years.
2. Barry Zito
Current Team: Oakland Athletics
2006 Numbers: 16-10, 3.83 ERA, 221 IP, 151 K
Scouting Report: Former Cy Young award winner, Barry Zito, has handled the tough American league lineups very well over his 6-year career. He's the best left-handed pitcher available from the free agent market.
3. Jason Schmidt
Current Team: San Francisco Giants
2006 Numbers: 11-9, 3.59 ERA, 213 IP, 180 K
Scouting Report: Jason Schmidt has one of the best changeups in the majors, along with a nasty slider and a decent fastball. On June 6, 2006 Schmidt struck out 16 batters in a game, setting a new San Francisco Giants record.
4. Mike Mussina
Current Team: New York Yankees
2006 Numbers: 15-7, 3.51 ERA, 197 IP, 172 K
Scouting Report: Mike Mussina's excellent command and ability to hit the corners of the strike zone, make him a dangerous starting pitcher in either league.
5. Mark Mulder
Current Team: St. Louis Cardinals
2006 Numbers: 6-7, 7.14 ERA, 93 IP, 50 K
Scouting Report: Mark Mulder missed most of the 2006 season due to a left shoulder injury. But when he's healthy, he comes after hitters with a variety of weapons ( 93 mph fastball, curveball, slider, and changeup).
6. Jason Marquis
Current Team: St. Louis Cardinals
2006 Numbers: 14-16, 6.02 ERA, 194 IP, 96 K
Scouting Report: Jason Marquis has the ability to be a great starting pitcher, but needs to start taking advice from his pitching coach. Marquis is very stubborn, which as a result, makes him an inconsistent pitcher.
7. Kerry Wood
Current Team: Chicago Cubs
2006 Numbers: 1-2, 4.12 ERA, 19.2 IP, 13K
Scouting Report: Wood was plagued with injuries during the '06 season, therefore limiting his playing time to only 4 games. Wood's best pitches are his fastball and curveball.
8. Adam Eaton
Current Team: Texas Rangers
2006 Numbers: 7-4, 5.12 ERA, 65 IP, 43 K
Scouting Report: Eaton is a well-armed pitcher. He has a good fastball ( 92-97 mph), a slow breaking curve, and a decent changeup and slider. He got hit hard during the '06 season by throwing too many fastballs over the heart of the plate.
9. Greg Maddux
Current Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
2006 Numbers: 15-14, 4.20 ERA, 210 IP, 117 K
Scouting Report: Greg Maddux is a sure Hall of Famer with 333 career wins and 3,169 strikeouts. He's not an over-powering pitcher, but he does have excellent control and effective offspeed pitches.
10. Roger Clemens
Current Team: Houston Astros
2006 Numbers:  7-6, 2.30 ERA, 113 IP, 102 K
Scouting Report: Clemens is another sure Hall of Famer, but he's leaning towards retirement.
11. Gil Meche
Current Team: Seattle Mariners
2006 Numbers: 11-8, 4.48 ERA, 186.2 IP, 156 K
Scouting Report: Gil Meche uses both a two- and a four-seamed fastball, accompanied by a slider, curveball, and a changeup. Meche has improved drastically, since his terrible '04 season.
12. Tomo Ohka
Current Team: Milwaukee Brewers
2006 Numbers: 4-5, 4.82 ERA, 97 IP, 50 K
Scouting Report: Ohka's pitches are nothing spectacular, but he does mix them very well.
13. Jeff Weaver
Current Team: St. Louis Cardinals
2006 Numbers: 8-14, 5.76 ERA, 172 IP, 107 K
Scouting Report: Weaver had a rough season, but really came around when it counted. He carried a 2.43 ERA over 5 starts in the postseason, including the final game of the World Series.
14. Randy Wolf
Current Team: Philadelphia Phillies
2006 Numbers: 4-0, 5.56 ERA, 56.2 IP, 44K
Scouting Report: Wolf has a fastball, curve, changeup, and slider, making him a valuable back-end-of-the-rotation starter.
15. Brian Moehler
Current Team: Florida Marlins
2006 Numbers: 7-11, 6.57 ERA, 122 IP, 58 K
Scouting Report: Moehler is coming off a rather unsuccessful year. Should be a cheap pick-up.
16. Orlando Hernandez
Current Team: New York Mets
2006 Numbers: 11-11, 4.66 ERA, 162 IP, 164 K
Scouting Report: Hernandez has an arsenal of pitches and an unusual delivery that keeps batters off balance. If healthy, he could be a very valuable pitcher for a contending ballclub.
17. Steve Trachsel
Current Team: New York Mets
2006 Numbers: 15-8, 4.97 ERA, 164 IP, 79 K
Scouting Report: Trachsel doesn't really have a put-away pitch ( only 79 Ks in 164 innings pitched), which means he does allow a few runs every ballgame. But he doesn't waste pitches and always goes deep into the game.
18. Tom Glavine
Current Team: New York Mets
2006 Numbers: 15-7, 3.82 ERA, 198 IP, 131 K
Scouting Report: Glavine will most likely re-sign with the Mets as their ace.
19. John Thompson
Current Team: Atlanta Braves
2006 Numbers: 2-7, 4.82 ERA, 80 IP, 46 K
Scouting Report: Thompson has a good fastball which he uses to jam hitters. His sinker, down-and-away, may be his most effective pitch.
20. Woody Williams
Current Team: San Diego Padres
2006 Numbers: 12-5, 3.65 ERA, 145 IP, 72 K
Scouting Report: Williams has an outstanding command of his pitches- fastball, cutter, and a straight-change. One thing to note- Williams only pitched into the seventh inning twice this season.
21. Jeff Suppan
Current Team: St. Louis Cardinals
2006 Numbers: 12-7, 4.12 ERA, 190 IP, 104 K
Scouting Report: Suppan's stock flew up during October, as he pitched brilliantly throughout the postseason. The NLCS MVP should pick up a hefty deal during the off season.
22. David Wells
Current Team: San Diego Padres
2006 Numbers: 3-5, 4.42 ERA, 75 IP, 38 K
Scouting Report: "Boomer" will be a well sought after pitcher throughout the winter. His experience and success in both leagues will make him a very valuable starter in 2007.
23. Andy Pettite
Current Team: Houston Astros
2006 Numbers: 14-13, 4.20 ERA, 214 IP, 178 K
Scouting Report: Andy Pettite had good success with the Yankees, and I'd love to see him back with the organization. The only thing that worries me is his home run total. Twenty-seven homers allowed in 35 games started- and that's just in the National League.
24. Mark Redman
Current Team: Kansas City Royals
2006 Numbers: 11-10, 5.71 ERA, 167 IP, 76 K
Scouting Report: His mid-80s fastball is very vulnerable in the tough American League.
25. Vicente Padilla
Current Team: Texas Rangers
2006 Numbers: 15-10, 4.50 ERA, 200 IP, 156 K
Scouting Report: Vicente Padilla tosses a 96 mph fastball, a sharp breaking ball, a slider, and a changeup. But he is not the All-Star pitcher he was in 2002.
26. Ted Lily
Current Team: Toronto Blue Jays
2006 Numbers: 15-13, 4.31 ERA, 181 IP, 160 K
Scouting Report: Lily doesn't have a great history with the Yankee organization or its players ( especially Posada), so I doubt he'll be returning to New York.
27. Ramon Ortiz
Current Team: Washington Nationals
2006 Numbers: 11-16, 5.57 ERA, 190 IP, 104 K
Scouting Report: Ortiz has acceptable stuff, but fails to throw good pitches consistently. ( But on September 4th, Ortiz took a no-hitter into the ninth against the World Series champion Cardinals. )
28. Mark Buerhle
Current Team: Chicago White Sox
2006 Numbers: 12-13, 4.99 ERA, 204 IP, 98 K
Scouting Report: Buerhle works fast and throws strikes, setting up with a fastball and finishing with something off-speed.
29. Tony Armas Jr.
Current Team: Washington Nationals
2006 Numbers: 9-12, 5.03 ERA, 154 IP, 97 K
Scouting Report: Armas usually keeps his team in the game, even when he doesn't have his best stuff. Armas throws a good fastball, slider, and changeup.
30. Miguel Batista
Current Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
2006 Numbers: 11-8, 4.58 ERA, 206 IP, 110 K
Scouting Report: Batista throws a good 4-seam fastball ( up to 95 mph) along with a cutter and a sinker.
So, who would you like to see in the Yankee rotation come April? Who do you definitely not want to see alongside of Wang and Johnson when the season begins?

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