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Hey! My name is Zachary and this is my site, Yankee Mania, where I explore the games, players, and transactions of the greatest team in baseball. Hated by some but loved by others, the New York Yankees have dominated the world of sports for over a century. This year I follow their noble quest to win yet another World Series Championship. Click here to send me an email!

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Friday January, 19 2007.
MLB 06: The Show
By mvyb, 13:09

Why, with Yankee GM, Brian Cashman, on vacation, you shouldn't be too surprised that nothing is happening up in the Bronx headquarters. Rumors, speculations, yada, yada, yada... Nothing is going on, nor will go on till Cashman returns. So, I'm thinking to myself this morning, "what can I possibly talk about today?" And then I glanced over at my beautiful Playstation 2, and my brand new MLB 06: The Show...and thought, "well, I might as well give it a shot."
MLB 06: The Show came out on February 28th of last year, but I actually didn't get it until Christmas. But anyway, to the review...
The game comes with several cool modes of play, some which we've never seen before in a video game:
Rivalry Mode:
Which lets you play mutli-game rivalries between several players. You just need to go to MLB 06 The Show online, and register.
King of the Diamond:
Pitchers v. batters in the ultimate showdown. Whoever garners the most points in the set time, is the winner.
Career Mode:
This is my favorite game mode. You can customize your player (height, build, hair color, eye color, name, age, speed, power, fielding ability, etc...) and begin his career. You start off in the minor leagues, and after playing 60 games you can ask your coaches for a promotion. Pretty soon you'll see your player in the lineup of your favorite major league team. How cool is that? There's a ton of stuff to do here, from signing contracts to asking to be traded.
Franchise Mode:
You run the ballclub. Everything.  Promotional nights, to vending machines, to player transactions, team transportation, and rehab facilities.
Season Mode:
 In this mode you can play, manage, or simulate your ballclub's season. (In the Yankee season) You start off with the season opener in Oakland, and can play such memorable series as the five-game series in Boston and several huge subway series against the Mets. If you win your division, you'll be headed for the playoffs!
Home Run Derby:
Create a lineup of powerful sluggers, and swing away.
MLB 06: The Show has tremendous graphics and detailed designs. For instance, we see the familiar giant red and yellow sign (W.B. Mason in the real world) on the right field wall of Yankee Stadium, we see the giant monster in Fenway Park, we have ivy in Wrigley Field, and a giant scoreboard in left-field stands of Detroit. The players are brilliant, each one looking like the player he's supposed to be. Matsui holds the bat off his shoulder, Jeter taps the plate with his bat, Bernie squats over, Sheffield wags his bat, A-Rod hits into double plays, and Kelly Stinnet still can't hit a thing. The commentators are frighteningly realistic, although eventually they do get a bit repetitive, "If there's one guy in this lineup you don't want to mess around with, this guy's the one."
You have a ton of control over the gameplay (especially in Career Mode). As the hometeam (let's say the Yankees), your guys take the field first. You become the pitcher and get to set the target (with the directional controls) and the speed of your pitch. As soon as the ball is put into play, you becoming the closest fielder. If you are the shortstop, you must guide Jeter to the ball, field it, and fire to the appropriate base. ( I had a bit of difficulty with this. I ended up throwing home a lot even though the runner was headed to first.) If you're an outfielder, you need to get over to the ball, catch it, and, if necessary, throw to the appropriate base. Your turn to bat. Damon leads off, and you can either hit, attempt to walk, or lay down a bunt. It's intensely difficult to hit a homer as the non-power hitters (like Damon, Williams, Abreu, and even Posada), but as Giambi or A-Rod, you'll end up homering at least once a game.
Strategy is big part of this game, and crucial to victory. As the player or manager you can execute hit-and-runs, sacrifice squeezes, stealing home, intentional walking, picking off base-runners, and taking trips to the mound. If you get careless as the pitcher, you'll end up releasing a wild pitch or even hitting the batter (which I might do on purpose if I'm playing a certain team from Beantown).
I can only think of a few things to complain about, and seeing that it wouldn't be a legitimate review with out some negativity, I'll name the problems I had with the game. First of all, no matter how many times you hit a batter or batters on a team, there will never be a brawl. :) I experimented one day, and hit 50 consecutive Red Sox batters. Oh, the commentators griped and the Red Sox players aimed their bats at my head when they took first base, but there was no brawl or ejection. In fact, you can't ever purposely get yourself ejected (some players do get ejected during cinimaxes). Another thing- way too many wild pitches. Oh, and bullpen usage stinks. When you play the game, Torre sends out the new pitchers. Like in real life (well, sometimes), he makes terrible choices. (Myers for the ninth, Small for the fifth, Farnsworth for the seventh, and no Proctor usage except in blowouts).
But other then these minor things, I really enjoy MLB 06:The Show. It's everything a baseball fan could want in a game- pitching, fielding, hitting, managing, business transactions, etc... Game-winning home runs are thrilling, and defensive-blunders are irritating, just like in real life.  And that's the word that describes this game best: "real". If you like baseball, you'll love MLB 06: The Show.
Rating: 9.5/10

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