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Hey! My name is Zachary and this is my site, Yankee Mania, where I explore the games, players, and transactions of the greatest team in baseball. Hated by some but loved by others, the New York Yankees have dominated the world of sports for over a century. This year I follow their noble quest to win yet another World Series Championship. Click here to send me an email!

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Monday October, 30 2006.
Top 30 Free Agent Starting Pitchers
By mvyb, 13:42

The Yankee front office needs to bring in two, or maybe even three, new starting pitchers this off-season. Chien-Ming Wang will make a decent #3 starter next year, and Randy Johnson will be New York's #5 starter. But with the death of Cory Lidle, the free agency of Mike Mussina, and the disappointment that is Jaret Wright- the Yankees have some work to do.
1. Daisuke Matsuzaka
Current Team: Seibu Lions (Japan)
2006 Numbers: 17-5, 2.13 ERA, 186.2 IP, 200 K
Scouting Report:  Matsuzaka has a nice fastball ( 90-96 mph) with good late movement, along with a decent splitter, changeup, and slider. His ERA has been under 3.00 for four consecutive years.
2. Barry Zito
Current Team: Oakland Athletics
2006 Numbers: 16-10, 3.83 ERA, 221 IP, 151 K
Scouting Report: Former Cy Young award winner, Barry Zito, has handled the tough American league lineups very well over his 6-year career. He's the best left-handed pitcher available from the free agent market.
3. Jason Schmidt
Current Team: San Francisco Giants
2006 Numbers: 11-9, 3.59 ERA, 213 IP, 180 K
Scouting Report: Jason Schmidt has one of the best changeups in the majors, along with a nasty slider and a decent fastball. On June 6, 2006 Schmidt struck out 16 batters in a game, setting a new San Francisco Giants record.
4. Mike Mussina
Current Team: New York Yankees
2006 Numbers: 15-7, 3.51 ERA, 197 IP, 172 K
Scouting Report: Mike Mussina's excellent command and ability to hit the corners of the strike zone, make him a dangerous starting pitcher in either league.
5. Mark Mulder
Current Team: St. Louis Cardinals
2006 Numbers: 6-7, 7.14 ERA, 93 IP, 50 K
Scouting Report: Mark Mulder missed most of the 2006 season due to a left shoulder injury. But when he's healthy, he comes after hitters with a variety of weapons ( 93 mph fastball, curveball, slider, and changeup).
6. Jason Marquis
Current Team: St. Louis Cardinals
2006 Numbers: 14-16, 6.02 ERA, 194 IP, 96 K
Scouting Report: Jason Marquis has the ability to be a great starting pitcher, but needs to start taking advice from his pitching coach. Marquis is very stubborn, which as a result, makes him an inconsistent pitcher.
7. Kerry Wood
Current Team: Chicago Cubs
2006 Numbers: 1-2, 4.12 ERA, 19.2 IP, 13K
Scouting Report: Wood was plagued with injuries during the '06 season, therefore limiting his playing time to only 4 games. Wood's best pitches are his fastball and curveball.
8. Adam Eaton
Current Team: Texas Rangers
2006 Numbers: 7-4, 5.12 ERA, 65 IP, 43 K
Scouting Report: Eaton is a well-armed pitcher. He has a good fastball ( 92-97 mph), a slow breaking curve, and a decent changeup and slider. He got hit hard during the '06 season by throwing too many fastballs over the heart of the plate.
9. Greg Maddux
Current Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
2006 Numbers: 15-14, 4.20 ERA, 210 IP, 117 K
Scouting Report: Greg Maddux is a sure Hall of Famer with 333 career wins and 3,169 strikeouts. He's not an over-powering pitcher, but he does have excellent control and effective offspeed pitches.
10. Roger Clemens
Current Team: Houston Astros
2006 Numbers:  7-6, 2.30 ERA, 113 IP, 102 K
Scouting Report: Clemens is another sure Hall of Famer, but he's leaning towards retirement.
11. Gil Meche
Current Team: Seattle Mariners
2006 Numbers: 11-8, 4.48 ERA, 186.2 IP, 156 K
Scouting Report: Gil Meche uses both a two- and a four-seamed fastball, accompanied by a slider, curveball, and a changeup. Meche has improved drastically, since his terrible '04 season.
12. Tomo Ohka
Current Team: Milwaukee Brewers
2006 Numbers: 4-5, 4.82 ERA, 97 IP, 50 K
Scouting Report: Ohka's pitches are nothing spectacular, but he does mix them very well.
13. Jeff Weaver
Current Team: St. Louis Cardinals
2006 Numbers: 8-14, 5.76 ERA, 172 IP, 107 K
Scouting Report: Weaver had a rough season, but really came around when it counted. He carried a 2.43 ERA over 5 starts in the postseason, including the final game of the World Series.
14. Randy Wolf
Current Team: Philadelphia Phillies
2006 Numbers: 4-0, 5.56 ERA, 56.2 IP, 44K
Scouting Report: Wolf has a fastball, curve, changeup, and slider, making him a valuable back-end-of-the-rotation starter.
15. Brian Moehler
Current Team: Florida Marlins
2006 Numbers: 7-11, 6.57 ERA, 122 IP, 58 K
Scouting Report: Moehler is coming off a rather unsuccessful year. Should be a cheap pick-up.
16. Orlando Hernandez
Current Team: New York Mets
2006 Numbers: 11-11, 4.66 ERA, 162 IP, 164 K
Scouting Report: Hernandez has an arsenal of pitches and an unusual delivery that keeps batters off balance. If healthy, he could be a very valuable pitcher for a contending ballclub.
17. Steve Trachsel
Current Team: New York Mets
2006 Numbers: 15-8, 4.97 ERA, 164 IP, 79 K
Scouting Report: Trachsel doesn't really have a put-away pitch ( only 79 Ks in 164 innings pitched), which means he does allow a few runs every ballgame. But he doesn't waste pitches and always goes deep into the game.
18. Tom Glavine
Current Team: New York Mets
2006 Numbers: 15-7, 3.82 ERA, 198 IP, 131 K
Scouting Report: Glavine will most likely re-sign with the Mets as their ace.
19. John Thompson
Current Team: Atlanta Braves
2006 Numbers: 2-7, 4.82 ERA, 80 IP, 46 K
Scouting Report: Thompson has a good fastball which he uses to jam hitters. His sinker, down-and-away, may be his most effective pitch.
20. Woody Williams
Current Team: San Diego Padres
2006 Numbers: 12-5, 3.65 ERA, 145 IP, 72 K
Scouting Report: Williams has an outstanding command of his pitches- fastball, cutter, and a straight-change. One thing to note- Williams only pitched into the seventh inning twice this season.
21. Jeff Suppan
Current Team: St. Louis Cardinals
2006 Numbers: 12-7, 4.12 ERA, 190 IP, 104 K
Scouting Report: Suppan's stock flew up during October, as he pitched brilliantly throughout the postseason. The NLCS MVP should pick up a hefty deal during the off season.
22. David Wells
Current Team: San Diego Padres
2006 Numbers: 3-5, 4.42 ERA, 75 IP, 38 K
Scouting Report: "Boomer" will be a well sought after pitcher throughout the winter. His experience and success in both leagues will make him a very valuable starter in 2007.
23. Andy Pettite
Current Team: Houston Astros
2006 Numbers: 14-13, 4.20 ERA, 214 IP, 178 K
Scouting Report: Andy Pettite had good success with the Yankees, and I'd love to see him back with the organization. The only thing that worries me is his home run total. Twenty-seven homers allowed in 35 games started- and that's just in the National League.
24. Mark Redman
Current Team: Kansas City Royals
2006 Numbers: 11-10, 5.71 ERA, 167 IP, 76 K
Scouting Report: His mid-80s fastball is very vulnerable in the tough American League.
25. Vicente Padilla
Current Team: Texas Rangers
2006 Numbers: 15-10, 4.50 ERA, 200 IP, 156 K
Scouting Report: Vicente Padilla tosses a 96 mph fastball, a sharp breaking ball, a slider, and a changeup. But he is not the All-Star pitcher he was in 2002.
26. Ted Lily
Current Team: Toronto Blue Jays
2006 Numbers: 15-13, 4.31 ERA, 181 IP, 160 K
Scouting Report: Lily doesn't have a great history with the Yankee organization or its players ( especially Posada), so I doubt he'll be returning to New York.
27. Ramon Ortiz
Current Team: Washington Nationals
2006 Numbers: 11-16, 5.57 ERA, 190 IP, 104 K
Scouting Report: Ortiz has acceptable stuff, but fails to throw good pitches consistently. ( But on September 4th, Ortiz took a no-hitter into the ninth against the World Series champion Cardinals. )
28. Mark Buerhle
Current Team: Chicago White Sox
2006 Numbers: 12-13, 4.99 ERA, 204 IP, 98 K
Scouting Report: Buerhle works fast and throws strikes, setting up with a fastball and finishing with something off-speed.
29. Tony Armas Jr.
Current Team: Washington Nationals
2006 Numbers: 9-12, 5.03 ERA, 154 IP, 97 K
Scouting Report: Armas usually keeps his team in the game, even when he doesn't have his best stuff. Armas throws a good fastball, slider, and changeup.
30. Miguel Batista
Current Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
2006 Numbers: 11-8, 4.58 ERA, 206 IP, 110 K
Scouting Report: Batista throws a good 4-seam fastball ( up to 95 mph) along with a cutter and a sinker.
So, who would you like to see in the Yankee rotation come April? Who do you definitely not want to see alongside of Wang and Johnson when the season begins?

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